The Day Our House Offer Was Accepted

The Day Our House Offer Was Accepted

Spoiler: Our house offer was accepted.

Buying a house wasn’t something either me or Jay had done before, so we were thrilled when our house offer was accepted. We’re only 22 and 23-years old, and the house we bought needs a lot of work.

Despite there being no chain on either side, the process of buying the house was a bit of a struggle, but we got by with the help of our mortgage advisor.

Our first house offer was rejected, obviously. We knew that would happen, and absolutely expected it. But our second house offer came through when Jay was having a nap! I remember it being a Friday, around 4pm, so neither of us was expecting to hear until after the weekend.

The phone rang, and it was the mortgage advisor who said he was phoning with good news. I immediately jumped up, and was practically screaming Thank You’s into the phone. Jay sleeps through the whole thing.

House offer accepted

Now I face a dilemma. Do I let him sleep or do I wake him up? Well, how often do you buy a house? Of course I jumped on him, told him that we had a house and that we were officially adulting our way through life.

What do I get back?

“Hmm, that’s good”. He sits up slowly and looks at me as if “You woke me up for this?”. He must have been having a very deep nap, but he quickly realised what was going on and was excited as I was.

Phew! No second thoughts on either side then.

Delays followed by more delays

Even though we had no chain, the buying process took 3 months. There was a delay with the mortgage offer. The bank we took our mortgage out with (I’m not naming names) apparently don’t live in the 21st Century, and things were only done by post….or fax?!?!

The mortgage offer needed to be sent to the estate agents, yet it took six weeks to reach them. In total, the mortgage offer was ‘sent’ three times, by post and fax each time. Yet, the first two times it never reached its destination. If it was sent via email, the offer could have been sent in under a minute, so we weren’t exactly thrilled about the holdup.

And then Christmas was looming, so everything was pushed back even further. On the 6th January, 2017, we exchanged and received the keys.

So, our first job? Demolishing the kitchen!

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