4 Seriously Pretty Books: Fitzgerald Classics

4 Seriously Pretty Books: Fitzgerald Classics

These Fitzgerald classics were released on the 70th anniversary of his death, and they’re absolutely stunning.

I can’t help but buy pretty books when I see them, even if I’ve read that particular book 10 times, and have three copies of it. If it’s a different cover to one I’ve got, and it’s pretty, I’m buying it. And that’s exactly what happened with these 70th Anniversary F. Scott Fitzgerald classics.

Fitzgerald classics - Gatsby

photo courtesy of novelsandnailpolish.com

I mean, look how pretty and shiny they are.

Fitzgerald classics

The books aren’t cheap, at ¬£14.99 per book. I didn’t buy the whole set (I think there’s six in total), but they’ll sit nicely on a shelf in my office so I an stare at them all day.

What are your favourite book covers?




    • sarahaelsley
      May 10, 2017 / 7:24 pm

      I know! I love them.

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