Without Technology: How long could you live without it?

Without Technology: How long could you live without it?

Have you ever had a power cut, and after twenty minutes the realisation hits you: you’re without technology.

The Wi-Fi isn’t coming back on any time soon, and neither is the TV, the microwave or even the lights. At first, you feel good, or even great. I’ll read a book, I’ll catch up on paperwork, I can go for a relaxing walk.

It’s all going well, and you’re relaxing quite nicely. Until, when on autopilot, you go to the kettle and turn it on. Only, it won’t and you realise you can’t even have a cup of tea.

But it’s okay, you can have water, or juice, or milk (at least until the fridge starts to warm up). The more time passes, the more panicky you become. What if I get bored? You go back to reading your book for a bit, and then put it down. You think, I’ll just see what’s on TV, Forgetting that there’s no power. Is there anything worse than this?!

Nowadays, we’re so technology obsessed, that we’re forgetting what it’s like to live without it. Which is scary considering it’s only been around for a few decades. We spent thousands of years without technology, but suddenly we can’t live without it.

Whose brilliant idea was it to start reading books from a screen? I do like a Kindle for when I go on holiday, but I don’t use it any other time of the year. (If you have any thoughts on Kindles, and why you like them, I’d like to hear in the comments).

Our generation is obsessed with getting the perfect grey and rose gold-themed Instagram grid (see left). It’s no longer about taking the pictures you feel like taking. You take pictures because they will match your theme. But that picture of your 4-year-old? Oh, it definitely can’t be posted because Alfie’s wearing a green top. That will ruin the aesthetic.

I’d love to be brave enough to go back to basics. Get a classic Nokia phone, with no Wi-Fi or apps, or even a decent camera. I’ll call and text people, but not scroll through social media when I’m on the bus. That can wait until I get home.

Sometimes it gets scary how much we use technology. I’ve run my own business from home; I blog; I now work with bloggers on a daily basis. Without technology, I don’t know how my life or career would even function.

Whilst planning my wedding, the internet has been my bible (and Pinterest of course). I’ve been able to search suppliers in my area, and get recommendations of people. Each company has a website that acts as a portfolio. Without that, how would I know that my venue dressers are legitimate, and will actually do a good job?

It’s so hard to even imagine a world without technology, but we did it once. Could we do it again?

Let me know in the comments!

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