Interior Design: My Living Room

Interior Design: My Living Room

We’re so close to moving in now, so I wanted to share my living room design ideas.

I’ve booked my days off at the end of the month for moving in. Enough time to pack, clean and unpack. I’m so excited for deciding where things are going to go, and messing about with layout, especially in the living room.

The look’s a bit different to the last living room moodboard I made in this post. 

Our sofa is currently sat in our kitchen waiting to be unwrapped (it’s like Christmas!). We went with a neutral colour, which we might end up regretting. No one’s allowed red wine on the sofa.

Everything’s a bit neutral, but we’ve decided that’s the best way, and then we can add colour in the curtains, cushions and artwork on the wall.

Again, our carpet and paint is neutral, so if we do ever want to change the furniture, anything will match.

Our carpet and sofa are from SCS  and the paint is from Johnstone’s. 

Our main furniture is classic oak. So far we’ve only got a coffee table, but I’ve had my eye on this Next console table for a while.

We still need a TV stand and some form of shelving for my hundreds of books. I’m also looking for an overhanging floor lamp, something a bit like this:


I’ve created a moodboard with the carpet and paint we’ve chosen, and our armchair, which I’m in love with.


I can’t wait to get everything in it’s place, and focus on the finishing touches, like shelving, lighting and artwork. My love for Homesense will get me through.

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