A Shopping Haul with Homesense

A Shopping Haul with Homesense

Some of you might not have heard of Homesense, but it’s one of my favourite places to shop.

Whilst TK Maxx sell clothes, Homesense is its sister brand which sells homeware and furniture. Most of their stuff is 40-60% off the retail price, meaning you get great quality at a cheaper price.

Homesense Watford - store interior display


I often find the easiest way to shop there is to have nothing in mind.I knew I wanted cutlery, but had no idea of style or brand. I bought a Sophie Conran cutlery set which was half price. We got our 32-piece set for £75!

For Jay’s birthday, I bought him this biscuit tin to go with our new kitchen. It’s a bit of an inside joke. He once ate three packets of digestives in one sitting. They also do a tea/coffee/sugar set in the same style. I’ve since managed to buy the tea but haven’t yet found the sugar or coffee!

Homesense biscuit tin


I’ve been on the lookout for some highbacked, fabric dining chairs to go at the heads of the table. I found this lovely one in Homesense, but again, they only had one. Hence the price I think. £40!



Then, the cushion isle. Actually, the throw and cushion isle which makes it even better. This department might be my favourite. I’m scoping out some cushions, though I don’t know where they’ll go yet.



Homesense cushions isle

Have you ever visited a Homesense? With 42 stores now nationwide across the UK, there will definitely be one near you somewhere.

This is not a collaborative post, I just really like Homesense. Cover photo credit: Design Maze

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