How to have a perfect movie night…in Summer!

How to have a perfect movie night…in Summer!

There’s something about a movie night that instills us with happiness, and who knows why.

There’s just something idyllic and even romantic about curling up with a good film, a fire, a blanket, a cup of tea and some popcorn.

But you can’t have all of that in summer. This weekend, temperatures are due to soar in the UK. This summer has been an odd collaboration of weather. We’ve had 3 days of glorious sunshine, followed by two weeks of cloud and rain, and then another couple of really nice days. This weekend is no different pattern, and is expected to reach around 25℃.

So how can we have the perfect movie night when the temperatures are in the 20s?

Ditch the blanket and dressing gown and get in your cotton pyjamas. Unfortunately, we can’t have a blanket movie night when it’s too warm. So ditch the blanket, and the fire, and just stick to your standard comfy PJs.

Swap the cup of tea for a glass of wine. I’ve heard that hot drinks do actually cool you down, but that’s never worked for me. Swap your hot cuppa for a cool glass of white wine.

wine movie night

Get some colder snacks. Ice cream has to be the best summer dessert. So stick the film on and get a cold almond Magnum to go with it. Of course, popcorn is still a viable option too. Maybe avoid the chocolate: it’s has the potential to be too meltable. Unfortunately for me, I’ll have to have some fruit because I’ve gone sugar-free.

Take your movie night outside. If you have a way of moving your TV or laptop outside, then absolutely do so. With the light and warm evenings due, you’ll be able to sit out until around 9.30pm before the sun sets. You could even take a blanket with you if the breeze gets a bit chilly (which mean blanket goals are still an option). If your garden looked like Kimberly’s over at Swoon Worthy, you would never want to leave!

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