Finished wooden laminate flooring and carpet!

Finished wooden laminate flooring and carpet!

This week saw the arrival of wooden laminate flooring and carpet, and I can’t believe we’ve got all the flooring fitted in the whole house.

I wasn’t expecting to get any wooden laminate flooring down in my study for a while, but we had lots of leftover from the kitchen.

This was such a bonus: we’d already spent the money, so didn’t feel like we were spending any more in doing it. The carpet was already up because we’d had to get access underneath the floorboards for wiring. Our carpet went in last Tuesday, and we decided to get the flooring in before then. I didn’t want Jay tramping up and down the stairs, all over our new carpet, carrying bits of newly-cut wood.

It only took him two days, and that included the time to put the new skirting board on too.


wooden laminate flooring


The wooden laminate flooring should be hardwearing, and easy to clean. But it also looks lovely, and was so easy to fit!

The Carpet

We bought the carpet back in February. Luckily, we just had to phone the company to book in the carpet two weeks before we wanted it fitted.

The fitters were amazing, and were only there two and a half hours. They carpeted our lounge, our stairs and our landing in that time.

I can’t believe the transformation. It finishes the whole look of the house/lounge, however it does make the green carpet in our bedroom look 10 times worse. We’ll just be keeping the doors closed until we renovate our bedroom.



It all looks very grey in there, but the walls are more of a brown/grey, so it makes the room feel warm. The carpet is also a two-tone brown and cream. I was worried about grey and white making the room feel too cold, even though I love it as a combination.

You can see in this post how much more brown the carpet looks in the picture (that is our actual carpet). I want to add some greenery. Perhaps in the curtains, or in cushions on the sofa, to give a really comfortable, earthy feel. 

Thinking Ahead

Something that I’ve learnt a lot through this project has been prioritising. Sometimes, certain important jobs take priority, and you have to spend your money on those things first. Even though you really want to buy that console table you’ve seen online.

We spent a lot of money on the things in our house that you can’t see. Wiring, plastering, floor levelling, plumbing, etc. This is frustrating. Because you can’t see it, you feel like it was a waste of money, even though it obviously needed doing. We wanted to do things properly and not skimp on anything urgent.

We’ve even laid the plumbing, whilst the floorboards were up anyway, just in case we decide to switch to a combi boiler in the near future. This means we wouldn’t have to pull up the carpet and install pipes. All we’d have to do is get a new boiler and connect it. Even though it’s cost us money now, it’ll save us a huge job when we do want to replace the boiler. Ours is 11 years old, and *whispers* probably won’t last much longer.

We’re at that stage where everything is now cosmetic improvement. This means I can start buying rugs, curtains, mirrors, art work. Nice things!

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