Ignore unwanted wedding advice: it’s YOUR day

Ignore unwanted wedding advice: it’s YOUR day

In order for you to have the best day, you need to ignore unwanted wedding advice.

Your wedding day is just that: your day. It can be difficult trying to knuckle down to the planning when you have Uncle Jeff saying he can’t wait to see Barbara — who isn’t invited.

Or when your Nanny wants to see your list of hymns for the church, but you’re not having hymns.

Trying to please everyone is impossible, so don’t even attempt it. There’s been many times in my own planning process where I’ve had to go away and think about things.

  • I’ve had people asking if I’m doing [X] when I’m not.
  • I’ve had people say that they don’t like certain aspects of a wedding dress, when my dress has said aspects.
  • I had people requesting certain foods and drinks! Erm…excuse me, do you want to pay for this wedding?

If you want a Cinderella themed wedding on a beach, then do it!

ignore unwanted wedding advice and have the dress you want.

Top Tip: Ignore unwanted wedding advice!

I haven’t told any of them the home truths, but just kind of agreed at the time. “Oh yes we’ve already picked out our hymns”, when we’re not having them.

Weddings are expensive anyway, never mind when you start adding extras to make other people happy. I’m not having hymns because I’ve spent nearly £400 on a string duo, and would need to spend another £100 for an organ.

Everyone dislikes hymns: no-one knows the ones you pick, no one likes to sing them and the singing is always out of tune. Someone did exclaim, ‘OH, are you having the choir?” No, because the choir costs another £100. So basically, if I wanted hymns, I would be forking out £200.

I went to a christening recently, and the service was quick and easy, no hymns, in and out, onto the reception. Isn’t that what everybody wants?

I’ll actually be able to relax once the service is done, that’s the most nerve wracking bit. I’ll be panicking about falling over my dress up the aisle on the way out!

You should, however, listen to advice if that person is paying. Wedding etiquette and all that. My Grandma is paying for the cake, so I wanted her to be happy too. She’s invited to all the design and tasting appointments. So far, no complaints. Though she probably just wants me to have what I want.

So, do ignore unwanted wedding advice because it is unwanted. I’m not listening to everyone’s suggestions about what colours I should have, what flavours the cake should be, or what earrings I should wear. I’m doing my day my way. Because it is just that: YOUR day.

Check out this piece for more info on what sort of ‘advice’ to ignore.

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