StumbleUpon increases blog traffic, but is that it?

StumbleUpon increases blog traffic, but is that it?

I’ve heard a lot of bloggers suggesting that you use StumbleUpon, because StumbleUpon increases blog traffic, but is that all it does?

The short answer is yes. The days when I add a new blog post page, I could get around 50 views from StumbleUpon alone. However, it really does only last for the day I publish it. It isn’t an ongoing or a long-term solution.

When I added my blog pages to StumbleUpon, I kept track of what happened on my Google Analytics. I uploaded three individual blog posts/pages to StumbleUpon over a time period of 7 days.

Number of Visitors

StumbleUpon increases blog traffic


There was a huge peak in my number of visitors on the days when I added my blog post. As you can see, I average between 5 and 15 users every day, on a standard day. On the 26th July, the day I added a blog post to Stumble, it shot up to nearly 120 users.

This is great for my blog as I’m getting views that perhaps I otherwise wouldn’t. You can select a category to put your post in to. If I put it into House Renovation, then people searching that category will find it. This means they’ve got an interest in your blog topic, and you hope that they will follow you, or at least take a look around your blog/at other posts. I’ll get back to that later.

Number of New Visitors

Thanks to StumbleUpon, my number of new visitors has shot up. This pie chart is usually split 50/50, but thanks to Stumble, I’m getting lots of new and unique visitors to my site. Which, again is good. Hopefully these new visitors can turn into regular ones. So yes, StumbleUpon increases blog traffic as well as unique users.

Countries of Visitors

 Most of my viewers come from the UK, so Stumble is great at getting me users from all over the world, and not just the UK or US.

Bounce rate and session duration

For me, this is the real downside of Stumble. StumbleUpon shows people what it thinks they will like. If they don’t like it, they move on. I have seen a HUGE increase in my bounce rate and a HUGE drop in session duration.

If people don’t like the page Stumble produces, they simply move on, hence my blog session time has dropped by 93% from around 2 minutes 30 seconds to a measly 10 seconds.

I always think bounce rate should sit between 40 and 60%. The bounce rate is the number of people that land on your site and leave straight away, without looking around a little bit. A high bounce rate is not good. StumbleUpon has given me this huge bounce rate increase over the last 7 days, which I’m not happy with.

Is this StumbleUpon’s error? Are they matching people to my posts who have no interest in house renovations or interior design?

So it seems that StumbleUpon increases blog traffic and unique visitors, but it doesn’t do much else. This new traffic doesn’t turn into anything else, and only lasts for one day.

But will I continue? I think I’ll use it sparingly. Maybe add a blog post once a week. But it’s not a surefire way of getting regular readers or blog followers.


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  1. sarahaelsley
    September 24, 2017 / 7:22 am

    Yes my bounce rate went up by about 200%, and the time people spent on the page was an average of 5 seconds.

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