We’re Getting a Cat!

We’re Getting a Cat!

So, as you know, we’ve recently undergone a rather large house renovation project on our first home, and now we’re getting a cat to start to our family.

We’ve always wanted a cat, but I was never quite sure it would ever happen. Getting a cat is a huge responsibility but, as cheesy as it sounds, our house feels empty without one.

The biggest problem is that we’ve got new everything: flooring, skirting boards, sofas, etc. Basically, all things that cats love to scratch. We’ve thought really hard about this decision, but both know that it’s right.

So I’ve done my research. How do you need to prepare when you’re getting a cat?

Start from the second you pick them up

We’re getting our little bundle from a rescue centre. Luckily, they get him/her neutered, chipped, dewormed and whatever else, so we don’t have to worry about that. But you do need to think ahead for the car ride home. It’s dangerous to hold a cat, or leave them in the back seat, so buy a cat carrier for when you pick it up. Pad it out with a blanket to make it feel nice and cosy too.

Make sure you’ve organised a small corner of a room for their arrival

Your cat will be scared and nervous the first day you get them home. Instead of giving them the run of the whole house, your cat needs to get comfortable in one spot, before venturing further. Place everything—bed, litter tray, food, water, toys—in one half or corner of a room. As your cat becomes more curious, they’ll slowly begin to explore different rooms and become more confident too.

Feed them little and often

I’ve taken 7 days off for when we’re getting a cat. I need this time to bond with it, let it get settled, and feed him/her when they need food. Kittens need around 4-5 meals a day, but when they reach 6 months this drops to 2 meals a day.

Top Tip: make sure their diet contains 30% protein

When I do go back to work, I’ll be nipping home in my lunch break everyday to feed him/her. Luckily, my work is less than a 10 minute drive from home, so this won’t be an issue. And who doesn’t want kitty playtime during their lunch break?!

I’m sure you’ll all be spammed with kitty pictures when he or she does arrive, but for now, this one will have to do:


getting a cat

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