Rain, Rain Go Away, Especially on my Wedding Day

Rain, Rain Go Away, Especially on my Wedding Day

One of the things that most brides worry about is rain on their wedding day.

When we imagine our perfect day, we always think of a lovely summer’s day without a cloud in the sky. Unfortunately, there are so many things we can consider and plan for, but it is impossible to try and predict what the weather will do. So, it’s best to always have a plan up your sleeve in case you do experience a few showers on your nuptials.

Has the prospect of a rainy wedding day got you nervous? You just need these tips to ensure it doesn’t ruin your dream day.

Add Some Shelter

An outdoor wedding is great on a nice, hot day, but you should also organise some shelter just in case it does start to bucket down! Marquee weddings are a great way to combine outdoor and indoor elements to your wedding. You can have your reception in the marquee and guests can also shelter inside if it starts to rain. During sunny spells, your guests can mill around outside the marquee.

umbrella in the rain

Go For Waterproof Mascara

It’s important that you look great no matter the weather. And one thing that rain is guaranteed to spoil is your mascara. To make sure that it doesn’t look like you’ve been crying all day, it’s a good idea to swipe some waterproof mascara over your lashes. Your lashes will then be protected from raindrops and happy tears!

Have Parasols Handy

You and your guests will probably have to go outside at some point to switch between venues for the ceremony and the reception, or to get inside from their cars. So, even if the majority of your wedding is going to be indoors, you might need some protection for these moments. It’s useful to have some parasols on hands that someone can hand out to guests to ensure that they don’t end up wet after quickly dashing inside!

Chat With Your Photographer

You should find out whether or not your photographer has already photographed weddings in the rain before. If they have, then they should have plenty of experience of dealing with adverse weather conditions. Even if they are well-seasoned in all kinds of weather, it’s always important that you discuss an indoor setting for taking your photos. That way, you have somewhere you can fall back on in case it is raining too much for outdoor photographs.

Collect Coats

If it is raining at the very beginning of your wedding, your guests will arrive in big coats. So, you will need somewhere you can keep all the coats so that they can dry off. Most wedding venues will have a cloakroom, but it’s important that you double check this before your big day. If you are getting married in a marquee, you might want to add a couple of coat stands in the corner so that your guests don’t have to leave them on the back of their chairs.

Once you follow all of these great tips, there’s no way the rain will spoil your special day!

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