Blending Old And New Home Decor

Blending Old And New Home Decor

You’re in a dilemma: how do you pick between old and new home decor?

When you have conflicting interests, you may find that you’re unsure on what avenue to take, or which option will work out for the best. We can often be faced with decisions like this for many different reasons in life.

Our decor is certainly one of them. Whether you’re unsure of what style you want to work with, or you’re battling with your other half about which of your tastes will work best, you may feel as if you’re forced to decide. But that’s not always the case. In fact, you may be able to make things work out, especially if you blend old and new home decor.

Start With The House Style

First of all, you’re going to want to start off with your house style. Because yes, the battle can really begin before you’ve even bought a new house or chosen a property to rent. You may be wondering whether to go for a new build or character property? When that’s the case, get out there and see some. You may find that a particular place sells you with one or the other, rather than limiting your choice by just searching for one style.

Stick To A Set Theme

Whether you choose to go with an older property or something that’s been recently built, you need to think about the theme you want to work with. You may not decide to go with one set theme throughout the entire space, but you should have some idea of what to do to get you started.

If you’re going modern, then you may want to think about the minimal styles available to you. But if you’re going vintage, you’ll want to pick out the period you want to stick to.


mix old and new home decor - vintage clock on a mantelpiece


Choose Colours Carefully

You then need to think about the colours you’re going to work with. Colour can definitely contribute to achieving a particular effect, especially when it comes to showcasing a set look.

Monochromatic tones are often great for modern and minimalistic designs, whereas metallics or even pastels can work well with a retro look. So be sure to choose your palettes to work with your chosen design.

Mix Up Your Furniture

You’re going to want to bring in the furniture. And this is where the fun can start. Not only should you look at modern and new designs, but you should look into vintage pieces from sites like Kernow Furniture to help you blend old and new home decor well.

As you may find, some antique pieces can sit perfectly in a modern home if they work with your theme. Or even try modern pieces set off a retro designed room.

Style Out With Accessories

And finally, the last thing that you need to do is add in the accessories. You’ll find that you’re able to create just the right look, whether it’s old or new or a beautiful blend of both, with the furnishing that you add in. Pick out some quirky antiques and modern art and see where you end up.

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