Where to Spend Your Money on Your Wedding

Where to Spend Your Money on Your Wedding

Planning a wedding can be massively overwhelming at times, and how do you know where to spend your money on your wedding?

There is so much to consider and think about what you want from your special day. It is understandable that, at times, it can all get too much. Budget can be a real sticky point for any couple or family planning a wedding. Whether it’s a small budget or something more substantial, it isn’t easy to ensure that you stay in budget, or know exactly where to spend your money on your wedding day. I wanted to share with you some of the top areas you should be spending your wedding fund on.


bridge and groom having photo taken

The photographer

When it comes to your wedding, it is important to ensure that you spend your money wisely, and the one thing you are going to refer back to in years to come are your wedding photographs. So it is important to ensure that you choose the right photographer for you. You may want someone who specialises in modern wedding photography, or perhaps someone who is more traditional. You may have your own ideas thanks to the many wedding websites filled with inspiration, or are open to new approaches from the professional. Don’t be afraid to spend your money on this. After all, you want something amazing to look back on and memories can fade.


Thornton Manor wedding venue

The venue

The venue is hugely important for the wedding. It doesn’t have to be anything spectacular or the most expensive, but the venue itself needs to feel right for you both as a couple. Whether you have a church or a civil ceremony, make sure you are happy with your choice. A venue is the place that you will be spending your time in, so it needs to tick all of your boxes. It can be the most expensive part of a wedding, but it can often be the most important as well.

If you’re trying to save money, just hire out one venue. I’ve chosen to get married in a church, and then move on for the wedding reception. But this is easily adding £1000. Save that by staying in one venue for the day.


planning a wedding - food

The food

If you are planning on having a meal or providing food for your guests, then ensure that you are providing the very best your budget can afford. The thing is, food can be expensive, so it is essential that you get quality food for the money you are spending. However, thanks to websites like Pinterest, you can be really innovative with food options. Consider having food trucks or buffet style alternatives. I hear hog roasts are all the rage.


where to spend your money on your wedding - Bride in lace wedding dress

Something special for you

Finally, make sure you have an element of your day that both you and your partner want. Don’t be afraid to spend your money on it. It is your day, after all. You could consider a band if you and your partner love live music. Maybe a photo booth if you love to capture memories in different ways. Perhaps even thinking about the food element or a signature drink if you consider yourself foodies.


It’s up to you where to spend your money on your wedding. But make the day unique to you in your own way and ensure you enjoy every moment of it.


  1. December 10, 2017 / 5:38 pm

    So exciting! I wish you the best for your marriage x I’m 18 but i already know what i want and i don’t even know who i’ll marry 😛

    • sarahaelsley
      December 10, 2017 / 6:05 pm

      Haha that’s a good thing!! Until budget comes in anyway ?

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