Creating a Pinterest Perfect Bedroom

Creating a Pinterest Perfect Bedroom

Wondering how to achieve a Pinterest perfect bedroom?

Scrolling through Pinterest for bedroom decor and design ideas can often leave one feeling like they’ll never be able to compete with those flawless ideas. The designs on Pinterest are riddled in forward thinking flair, which oozes creativity. It leaves us wondering why we never thought of all of that before!

However, we forget that every element, within the space has just been given a little more thought, and has been constructed with quality tools and a patient hand. You needn’t be an interior design guru to get your home looking like a Pinterest-worthy palace. You just need to spend your time wisely; researching fabulous ideas, gathering information about quality materials and suppliers, acquiring your tools, and then giving it a try!

With my useful list of design ideas to take your bedroom from frightening to fab, you’ll be halfway there! Get a Pinterest perfect bedroom with these tips.


A home with good space and plenty of light

bright and airy bedroom

First and foremost, if you are in the process of buying or renting a new property, one of the most important factors, which will contribute greatly to your impeccable space, will be the light and layout of the area. You want to choose a home that’s bright and spacious. This will make placing furniture easier, and contributes positively to the feel of the room.

When the space is of good size, you can get creative with the different pieces. A quirky piece will stand out if it’s away from other pieces that might overshadow it. Trying to squeeze furniture in, will not only clutter the area, but it will also take from it’s presence, and drown out the piece.

Timeless Furniture

Always choose timeless furniture! The items that are trendy now aren’t going to be the items that are trendy in five years time. To save yourself from having to redo your bedroom in the near future, pick furniture that won’t date.

Choosing wisely will save you time and money, and will help you to sleep better at night, knowing that the items you love and have carefully chosen will stand the test of time. Should your tastes change in the future, when it comes to styles, colour schemes and themes of your bedroom, you won’t have to stress about how you’ll tie in the furniture with the new items.

Neutral tones that don’t date

cushion with stag on it on bed

Neutral tones are a must when it comes to furniture and paint work. People get tired of a certain colour after a few years of seeing it in their home. It’s smart to choose neutral colours. Just like timeless furniture, they won’t date, you won’t get tired of them, and you could move the pieces to other areas of your home, without them ‘clashing’ with the other furniture.

If you have furniture currently, such as armchairs, that you still want to keep but want to change the colour of the fabric, you can get them reupholstered with a new fabric colour.

Painting the walls neutral will help to keep the space calm, as well as timeless, and will ensure a good flow throughout the room.


Add a shelf for ornaments, books or plants

dark shelves on wall

Every pretty Pinterest perfect bedroom incorporates features that add character. You can display ornaments or plants on shelves and bookcases. Shelving is easy, affordable and you can even turn the idea into a DIY project. These small features transform a typical bedroom to one that is interesting and flows with the theme of the home.

It’s all about getting creative and moving away from the mundane bedroom items to ones that are unusual and captivating. Adding shelving also acts as a ‘storage’ place, with a purpose. It is somewhere to display all of your favourite items. You’ll soon be photographing your Pinterest perfect bedroom with pride.

Incorporate Accent Features

Accent features are items that bring some colour and creative flair to the space. These tend to be the smaller items in the room. They wouldn’t be the main feature, such as a bed. But they may be cushions, throws, a fancy headboard, a rug, curtains, lamp shades, art.

bedroom with purple rug

You may want to pick only one or two colours for the bedroom, and bring them out in these items mentioned above. This creates unity and colour harmony within the room, and will have everyone fooled into thinking you’re a pro!

Give the Windows attention

Last but not least, don’t forget that windows form part of the accent features! The windows pull everything together, and add that extra touch of interest. So, you may want to choose a complementing window frame, or you may want to think out of the box and have the glass frosted with a window film. It does wonders for a space and will give you a Pinterest perfect bedroom.


Do you have any more tips you would add to this list?

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