How to Renovate a Furnished Flat

How to Renovate a Furnished Flat

It’s becoming more and more common place for flats to come fully furnished. How can you renovate a furnished flat and put your own style into it?

So you’ve just rented a flat, and you’ve found out it comes fully furnished. Amazing! No trips to Ikea trying to find cheap furniture that you’ll have to put together yourself. No buying furniture off Facebook Marketplace and having to go to pick it up from some dodgy looking house.

Trying to furnish a place can cost a lot of money, and it might not be worth it if you’re renting temporarily. However, there’s a high chance you’ll hate the furniture you’re provided with. Your apartment might not be up to your taste, but there are ways to fix this. There are some ways you can renovate a furnished flat by tweaking the decor and furnishings to make it just a little bit more ‘you’.


Cover Sofas And Armchairs With Throws

blue sofa with colourful throws and cushions

If you have a very particular idea of what you like and don’t like, you might not be too keen on the style of sofa or armchair that has been picked. I personally dislike brown leather sofas, so would possibly be disappointed if these were my landlord’s chair of choice.

However, it’s nothing a good throw can’t fix. Whether you go for budget or something more luxurious, you’ll be able to find prestigious textiles to add a bit of sophistication to the room. You can drape them over an arm, or cover the whole sofa (depending on how much you hate it). 

Buy some extra cushions to hide even more of the sofa if required, and boom, you’re done.


Add Your Own Art

It’ll be unlikely that your new flat comes with any artwork, and even if it does, don’t feel obliged to keep it up. Just be glad that your landlord has already put a nail in the wall for you. Just take down their artwork and keep it in storage somewhere so you can rehang it when you come to moving out.

Artwork always makes a huge difference to the look of a space. You can introduce some colour, and some of your personality as well. Buy some of your own paintings and prints and hang them where you like. Just check with your landlord about putting nails in the walls.


Bring More Colour In

It’s a good idea to try and add a bit more colour to your flat as many landlords leave their rented accommodation quite neutral. There are various ways you can bring in some colour, from scattering some bright cushions onto the sofa and beds and adding a few vibrant rugs to the floors. You will find that houseplants are another good way of letting colour pop in your furnished flat.


Buy Your Own Bedding

Even if the furnished apartment comes with bedding and towels, you should buy your own. If you stick to the supplied bedding and towels, you might feel like you’re staying in a hotel. You won’t be able to relax for a long time.

Buy your own bedding and towels, and go mad with the colours and patterns, so that you feel a lot more comfortable in your new home.

white bedding and white walls with wooden headboard


Get Your Own Curtains

It might be an extra expense, but getting your own curtains that are in a style and colour that you like will help you make the flat feel your own. You can also make sure that they match all of the other decorative features that you bring into this new apartment.


You definitely don’t have to live with someone else’s style choices in your home. Follow all of the above tips and you’ll forget that the flat was furnished in the first place!





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