What to do with your Unloved Garage

What to do with your Unloved Garage

Let’s face it, if you have a garage, the chances are it is used for storage or just as a dumping ground.

Many people don’t even put their vehicles in them these days, and it can often mean that this area of your home becomes unloved. However, I wanted to change that. The garage can actually be an integral part of your home having many different functions. I wanted to share with you what to do with your unloved garage.


The most obvious use of a garage is storage, but, if organised correctly, this can be a useful area instead of feeling like one big mess. Getting yourself some shelving or cupboards to store things in can ensure that the garage remains tidy and a more user-friendly place. You’ll be able to find things much more easily, and won’t dread going in there.

You could also consider some adhesive sealing tape to ensure that the area remains watertight and protected from the elements. Any home needs storage, so why not designate just the one area for organised chaos rather than have it take over your whole home? You will love your garage for the practicality of it.

tidy balls of wool in storage

A utility area

Any kitchen would benefit from some form of utility area, but not all homes have a designated room for this. So why not use your garage instead? More often than not, the kitchen will have access to the garage making it an ideal location. You could have your washing machine in there, your dryer, and even an extra fridge for storing foods and meals that won’t fit in your kitchen fridge. It can become a very easy space to make more use of when you have the right ideas.

We’ve put our washing machine and tumble dryer in there. We have a small fridge and freezer for our kitchen, but also have spares in the garage too. The fridge is mainly for Jay’s beer, but the freezer comes in handy when our kitchen one gets too full.

The man cave

dark man cave with tv and sofa

Photo credit: https://www.swoonworthy.co.uk

Maybe you want to consider a place for some of the men in your life to relax and unwind. Perhaps you are sick of the games console being plugged into the main TV, or you have a teenage son who regularly has friends round. Maybe you want your own personal space where you can sit undisturbed and enjoy a guilty pleasure or two. Then a man or woman cave could be the ideal solution. It’s not hard to get some new sofas in there, some storage and plug in a TV. Plus, you are close to your home meaning the WiFi signal shouldn’t need boosting.

A workshop

what to do with your unloved garage? Turn it into a workshop.

Finally, many couples or men in particular like the idea of having a place to work on things. They may like fixing things in the home, making things, or just keeping pieces of wood or old pieces of furniture just in case they come in handy. Sound familiar? This is when a garage could turn into a potential workshop for your home. Being the ideal hub for all those tools, garden items and things you want to keep just in case. It’s out of the way, but is an area big enough that you can potentially work on projects.


I hope this has inspired you to love your garage a little more with some of these suggestions about what to do with your unloved garage. What do you keep in your garage?

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