5 Tips For An Easy-To-Clean Home

5 Tips For An Easy-To-Clean Home

Everyone wants an easy-to-clean home, so what are the best ways of achieving this, and cutting down your cleaning time?

Are you forever cleaning up after kids or pets? Rather than continuing to slave away, it could be worth making a few upgrades to your home’s decor to make cleaning simpler. Here are 5 ways that you can create an easy-to-clean home.


Cull the carpets

An easy-to-clean home means replacing carpet with laminate flooring to clear up spillages more easily

Carpets may be comfier on the toes, but they can easily collect dirt and animal hair. We recently got a cat, and her hair gets everywhere, meaning we’re hoovering twice a week. Spilled liquids are also much harder to clean out if not caught early enough. Stripping away the carpets and opting for wooden floors or stone tiles could make your home easier to clean.

Many modern wooden flooring and tiling solutions are laminated to prevent stains.


Step up your storage

An easy-to-clean home means getting rid of mess. Decluttering is the sensible solution if you have too much stuff in your home.

However, if you’re finding it hard to part with clutter, you could simply buy bigger or more numerous storage solutions to keep this stuff out of sight. You don’t have to settle for dull storage solutions.

There are plenty of designer sideboards and bureaus that can add a focal point to the room. You can also consider multi-purpose storage solutions such as ottoman foot stalls, mirrored cabinets and beds with storage space beneath.


Pick the right paints

Have your kids ever stopped crayoning the paper and started to crayon the walls?

If you’re forever scrubbing stains and felt tip marks off walls, it could be worth considering a new coat of easy-to-clean paint. Such paints are low VOC, which contain less chemicals, making them healthier for us and our children.

Marks can easily be wiped off with little elbow grease. The lack of chemicals in low VOC paints also makes this a more ideal solution for households with pets and kids, who may be more inclined to pick off and ingest flecks of paint.


Upgrade your upholstery

Black leather sofas are easy to keep clean

Certain upholstery materials are easier to clean and can make better solutions for sofas and dining chairs. Leather is generally a good call. Whilst lighter leather may stain, it’s much easier to wipe and hoover than other material choices.

Vinyl and nylon are other good budget choices for those wanting a sofa or dining room chair fabric that’s easy to clean. You should generally avoid silk, linen and cotton as these materials are all easy to stain and ruin.

If you do have furniture made of these materials and you don’t want to get rid of this furniture, you could consider buying sofa and chair covers to put over your upholstery. Many of these can be easily scrubbed or put in the washing machine when they get dirty.


Use self-cleaning gadgets

Few of us slave over a scrubbing board any more, having upgraded to washing machines. Similarly more homeowners are doing away with washing up, instead buying a dishwasher. Cleaning gadgets are only getting more advanced.

The latest trend is thought to be ‘self-cleaning gadgets’. Already, it’s possible to buy a self-cleaning microwave. There are even self-cleaning ovens on the market. Buying some of these gadgets could help to eliminate a few more cleaning chores from your daily duties.

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