How To Disaster-Proof Your Wedding

How To Disaster-Proof Your Wedding

Weddings are expensive occasions that require lots of planning.

Nobody wants their wedding to be ruined by an unforeseen disaster resulting in a last minute cancellation. Here’s how you can disaster-proof your wedding and prevent wedding bells from turning into alarm bells.


Plan ahead

Some disasters can be down to our own forgetfulness. Thoroughly planning everything in advance can prevent important details from being missed. Create a checklist and aim to have everything on it ticked off a few weeks before the wedding.

You don’t want to be scrambling around last minute for a make-up artist or a wedding photographer only to find they’re all fully booked up. Make sure you’re inviting guests at least six months before the event and ring around to confirm who can make it. This will ensure that all the important people are able to make your special day.


Prepare for all weathers

If you’ve got an outdoor wedding planned, it’s worth having an emergency backup plan in case of bad weather. This could be something as simple as having the ceremony under a marquee. This way, if the heavens do open, everyone will be sheltered. Companies such as specialise in these marquees and could give you a wide range to choose from. You may even want to buy some windbreaks in case of blustery weather.

A heatwave can also have unexpected results. The first most common disaster is frizzy hair. It could be worth packing some anti-frizz hairspray or asking your beautician to provide some, so that aren’t reminded of your messy hair in photos for years to come.

Another thing to watch out for is insects, especially around the cake on a hot day. Nobody wants fly eggs in their wedding cake.

As for your wedding vehicle, if you’re opting for an open-top car, make sure the roof can easily be put on in the event of a shower – too many brides can be caught out by this. At the very least, bring an umbrella.


wedding cookie with bride and groom figurines

Get insured

Just as you may take out holiday insurance when going on vacation, it’s worth taking out wedding insurance.

You can find such schemes at sites such as Wedding insurance may be able to protect against cancellation and rearrangement but only in certain circumstances such as when the bride or groom is ill or when catering services don’t turn up. Always read into insurance schemes to see exactly what is covered.

It isn’t expensive — mine was £50 — and it covers against any suppliers that don’t turn up, or even if your cake arrives damaged, etc.


Use a wedding planner

Disaster-proof your wedding by hiring a wedding planner. A wedding planner can take a lot of the stress out of organising your day such as arranging catering services, hiring a photographer and decorating the venue. This could prevent you forgetting important aspects of your wedding.

Some wedding planners may also be able to find last minute replacements if a wedding DJ or photographer doesn’t turn up. This could save you phoning around on the day — something no-one should have to do on their wedding.

Wedding planners do cost a fair amount of money. Shop around for a wedding planner that doesn’t charge a fortune and read reviews and testimonials to ensure you get a reliable and experienced one.


There are some problems that will be out of your control, but do what you can. Disaster-proof your wedding as much as possible, so if anything does go wrong, you’re prepared. You don’t want to regret any part of your day, so take these measures to ensure your day goes perfectly!

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