6 Top Forgotten Wedding Aspects

6 Top Forgotten Wedding Aspects

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, planned a wedding, or been in the general vicinity of a wedding, chances are you know that there are simply hundreds of things to remember.

However, while most couples do a great job, there are still some often forgotten wedding aspects that deserve a mention.

If you’re planning a wedding right now or you simply want to be prepared for the future, make sure you consider these forgotten wedding aspects.


  1. Planning For Rain

You can’t just count on great weather when you’re getting married. You need to have a plan B, or rather, a plan for rain. What will you do about getting to your location? Taking pictures? Will it change anything?

Make sure you consider eventualities with the weather so everybody can have a better time.


  1. Establishing A Wedding Website

A wedding website is a great way to provide guests with a one-stop place to access useful information. You can include the date, time, and other relevant information when it comes to your wedding day, plus any nearby hotel and transport tips that your guests could use.

Be as helpful as you can and get it set up ASAP if you want the majority of your guests to turn up. The website doesn’t need to be professionally designed or complete with all of the trimmings. It just needs to be somewhere your guests can go for helpful info.  


  1. Food Allergies

Have you asked your guests about any food allergies? How about those who don’t eat meat, or even dairy? You’ll need to make a list of allergies and dietary requirements, and then give this list to your caterer along with where each one is sitting. Your caterer will likely be extremely grateful and you’ll make sure none of your guests are left hungry.

And don’t forget the children! Children will need separate, smaller courses and again, check they don’t have allergies.


  1. Having A Gift Safe-Keeper

Leaving gifts unattended on a table is a little irresponsible. After all, everybody is going to be drinking and having a great time, things can get broken, or even lost. Designate somebody to look after the gifts.

This might mean taking them to a hotel room instead, or even loading them into the back of a car. You won’t want to think about what to do with them at the end of the night when you’ve had a few drinks yourself!

The venue or hotel will normally sort this for you.


  1. Supplier Meals

It’s all well and good laying out fancy wedding tablecloths ready to feed your guests, but what about your vendors? Are you going to let them go hungry? Make sure you feed the vendors who will be there all day. It’s only polite.

This will include the photographer and videographer. They’ll be on their feet all day, running around to catch the right moments. They definitely need feeding in the daytime as well as evening.

Other suppliers could include musicians and the DJ.


  1. Supplier Overtime

If your wedding seems like it’s going to be buzzing into the wee hours, you’ll want to find out in advance if your vendors would be willing to stay. Make sure you chat to them about it and put some of the budget aside so you can continue your wedding in the way you want.

Also check that your venue allows it. Ours have said that we need the music off by 1am, so there’s no point hiring the DJ until 2.


Did you forget any of these things, or something else? Leave a comment!

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