Design tips that can transform your office

Design tips that can transform your office

The office area doesn’t have to be boring, however if we’re being honest, a lot of them are.

Unless you work for a unique and fun company, it is tough to find inspiring offices. Most offices are blank from the walls to the interior décor, not to mention the poor level of lighting that most offices possess. The working environment can affect worker productivity as well as the the energy of the employees and visitors, so it’s key to get right.

Taking the room size and style in to consideration is the first step of redesigning an office. The office design represents the company’s ethos and beliefs as well as the field of work they embody. It is also important to note that less can sometimes mean more when it comes to design, as an office with too much equipment can look cluttered.

A business can hire a professional office fitout company to help kit the office out or they can do it themselves. Staying with one design for a long period of time can also be boring, so try to refresh your look as frequently as possible. The following design tips can help you transform your office from boring to straight up exciting.


Adding wall decor

The walls are the most noticeable part of most offices. They can be tedious and dull but by adding some creative wall decor you can help solve that. It could be an original painting, a picture of friends and family, a pet or even a place. Either way wall decor can change a room’s feel and give it life. Adding art can be very stimulating visually and can help to prevent boredom in the workplace.


Adding some textures

Designing the rooms textiles is an excellent place to start when you want to transform your office. If your room looks visually appealing, then you won’t feel like you are in a typical boring office and small items such as throw pillows and throw blankets can give the room a delightful aesthetic. There is no harm in experimenting and changing the design frequently to keep the office fresh, modern and in-trend.


Add some plants

Adding plants to the office space is a good way of bringing the outdoors into your office, something that can work wonders to those who feel like they are confined to the same indoor space for 8 hours a day. Flowers can lift spirit and productivity with research showing that plants can also boost happiness amongst workers. Low maintenance plants such as peace lilies and cactus are sound options.


Bring in some leisure spots

It could be a pool table, table tennis, or even a dart board, it doesn’t matter what it is just as long as you implement a leisure item in to your office. They not only boost morale due to their fun nature, but they also act as great break spots. These items/areas are often seen as relaxing and laid back places where employees can interact with each other and share ideas.


Add plenty of colour

All top office refurbishments involve painting walls with vibrant, brand relevant colours and purchasing furniture with matching colours. By doing this you can transform your office to make it look, and feel lively and classy. Colours are stimulating and can help make employees feel happy in their place of work rather than bored and drained. Colours can send out subliminal messages to people so, with that in mind, make sure to select appropriate colours.


Bulletin Board

Adding a bulletin board is a simple yet great way to spice up the office area. You can add some of your favourite pictures of influential people on to the board such as friends and family or celebrity inspirations. Doing this brings some life to a wall that would ordinarily be boring and plain. Sticking up inspirational quotes and photos can keep you motivated whilst at work.


Bean bags and meeting beds

Bean bags look very cool when placed strategically in different locations. They can be colourful, and they also bring a feeling of relaxation in what is stereo-typically an uptight and serious place. They also come in handy when you need extra seating for busy meetings.

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