4 Ways to Add Modern Interiors to your Home

4 Ways to Add Modern Interiors to your Home

You might be bored of your home, or it might be looking a little tired. But you can easily add modern interiors to a room!

Sooner or later, we all get bored of our clothes, our cars, our phones, and we have to upgrade, or buy new. It’s exactly the same with your interiors. Eventually, they’ll start to look tired. 

Who else views their 8-year-old boiler as ‘new’. I think sometimes time goes so quickly, we don’t realise how dated and tatty things have become. So I wanted to help you decide on how to add modern interiors to your home.

These 4 things should spruce up the look of your house in no time, without breaking the bank. 


Replace Your Tired Old Sofa and Armchair

A tatty sofa can automatically bring a room down. No matter how many throws you put on it to cover that pen stain you made 2 years ago, you won’t be able to hide it. 

You should replace your old sofa with something modern, colourful, and comfortable (it’s not easy to find all 3, believe me). If doing this is out of your price range, you should look into buying a sofa cover, or get the whole thing reupholstered.  


Hang Contemporary Art on the Walls

Art work can really transform a home. I absolutely love prints you can buy at very reasonable prices to put all over your home.

It’s a shortcut that you should definitely be taking advantage of right now. Find modern art that you like and feel is in keeping with the rest of your room’s design. When you do that, your home will feel more vibrant and alive.

Gallery walls are the ultimate modern touch. Look at this stunning one from Kerry:

Gallery wall from Kerry Lockwood's home, in her bedroom with chest of drawers
Photo credit: https://kerrylockwoodindetail.co.uk/master-bedroom-makeover/

Add More Colour

To produce the ultimate modern home, you need colour. Bold colours are bang on trend, so don’t be scared of them. If you look at your room and see mostly brown, then that’s a problem.

Your home will immediately feel more modern when it has a splash of colour. You don’t even have to paint the walls to make this happen either. Instead, you can choose a statement piece of furniture that has a bright and vibrant colour.


Use Open Storage Units

The way in which you store things in your home is one of the things that matters a lot when you’re trying to make your home seem more modern. Old cabinets and storage units can easily feel dated if they’ve been in place for a long time.

For a more modern and ultimately timeless feel, you should go for open storage units. These are often simple shelves that have very clean structures. Everything is then out in the open, making it seem more relaxed too.


You can add modern interiors to your home by using my 4 top tips!


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