Areas Where You Can Save Money On Your Bills

Areas Where You Can Save Money On Your Bills

Could you save money on your property bills?

Being a homeowner means that you probably have a lot of expenses each month. Not only do you have your household bills, but you could also be saving for renovation projects, like we always seem to be, and jobs you wish to take on.

Finding places to save money can be near impossible when there are so many things you have to pay for (Netflix counts, right?).

But it’s likely that your bills is the place where you can save money if you’re clever.

I have outlined some of the ways you can do it but feel free to share some of the other ways you save money on your bills in the comments below!


Keep that water bill down

Your water bill can be a big outgoing each month. But it’s something you might not have much control over, especially if you’re on a meter like us. Instead of haggling with your water company, you should be looking at what changes you can make to use less water. 

Do you wash your car every weekend? This definitely isn’t a necessity. Even switching to every other week or monthly would save a huge amount. 

Maybe you’re a bath lover, and have one multiple times a week. Baths can use up to 50% more water than a shower, so maybe save that bath for weekends as a treat. 

You could look into some more obscure ways to save water, like collecting rainwater to save and recycle for watering plants, instead of getting the hosepipe out. 


Reduce energy costs

Your gas and electricity probably costs much more than your water bill, so it’s the next place to look at to save money.

If you don’t already have one, you can ask your supplier to install a smart metre so you can monitor exactly what you’re using and how. You can change some habits in your home, such as making sure you’re switching the lights off when you leave the room, and not putting things on standby. Laptops shouldn’t be left charging on Sleep mode all the time, but should be shut down properly with the charger taken out.

If you think you’re paying far too much on your gas and electricity, you can use Martin Lewis’ Cheap Energy Club tool to work out what you should be paying, and which companies are offering a cheaper price. 

If you’re not afraid of some haggling, you could use this tool to show what you should be paying, and then phone your supplier up to ask if they can bring the price down. They should be willing if they think there’s a risk of losing you as a customer. 


Are you entitled to discounts?

Finally, are you missing out on savings that you’re entitled to? Living alone or as a single occupant means that you can get discounts on things like council tax and TV licenses, amongst other bills like your energy and water rates. Ask the question and see what you could be entitled to.

I hope that some of these options help you save money on your property bills. Every little amount can add up to a big one!

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