Give Your Home’s Exterior Some Extra Attention

Give Your Home’s Exterior Some Extra Attention

Most of us are guilty of making the inside of our homes look AMAZING and leaving the outside to just get on with it, whilst hoping for the best.

How often do you ever actually pay attention to the front of your house? I tend to get out of my car, open the front door and go straight in without thinking about the outside of the house. 

But we should probably be focusing more on the outside, as it’s what other people see the most, and how they forge their first impressions of you. 

Curb appeal‘ is thought to be really important. If you want to add value to your house, having a nice front drive could add an extra 8% to the value of your house.

So, if you want to make sure that visitors are going to be impressed, and that your neighbours get home envy too, then you’re definitely going to want to focus on giving your home’s exterior a little extra attention.


Refresh The Door

The best place to start is your front door. This is an area you can have some fun with. There are loads of styles and colours you can choose for your front door. Ours is the most boring shade of brown, and has stained glass in it. We want to switch it out ASAP, but front doors can be expensive. This is why giving it a paint instead might be a cheaper option. 

Think about what else you can do with the door as well as painting it. Does it have stained glass that you want to replace with frosted glass? What plants, if any, do you have on the door step or in hanging baskets?


Do The Same To The Windows

While you’re there, you should also think about doing something similar to your windows, too. Your windows will look worse if you makeover your door and leave them be. 

Think about upgrading to double glazing if you don’t already have it, and even change the colour of the frames. The frames might just need a simple paint, but you could replace them altogether if you want them to be a different material or style.


Dress The Driveway

Then, it’s on to your driveway. No matter how big or small your driveway is, it should look neat and tidy, with no unsightly weeds poking through. 

First, give your driveway a thorough clean. You might think it doesn’t look that bad, but you’ll be AMAZED what you can get out with a jet washer. 

If you still don’t like your driveway, then just distract people with plenty of pots, plants, and flowers.

If it’s cracked, and the tarmac is falling apart, then you should get it replaced, as it could be in danger of damaging your car or its tyres. 


Water the Plants

I will put my hands in the air and say that I am the worst for watering plants. The ones in the house are okay, but the ones outside always die. 

This is because I trick myself into thinking that the rain is enough, and it never is. If your plants are shrivelled, brown, and dead, then your garden and driveway won’t look its best. 

Make sure, especially in summer, that you are watering the plants once or twice a week to keep them green and healthy. 


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