Why You Should Host a Hotel Wedding

Why You Should Host a Hotel Wedding

Wondering whether you should host a hotel wedding? This advice should help you decide!

There was once a time where people were only allowed to marry in churches. But in this day and age, people want to express their love in other places. This makes sense if you’re not religious, or fancy something more relaxed. You can host a hotel wedding, and there are a number of reasons why you should consider this option. 

I attended a hotel wedding only last weekend, and it was lovely. There was more time for chatting, no travel between the church and the venue, and a smoother day. It’s also much cheaper. I know that I’m forking out around £1000 for a church. That includes the venue cost, the organ and the bells. If you get married in a hotel, you pay one price for the venue.

So what are the benefits to having a hotel wedding?

Friends and family can stay

First and foremost, hosting your wedding at a hotel will allow your friends and family to book a room. This will allow any guests that live out of town to come to your wedding without having to worry about a long journey home.

Not only that, it gives your guests a chance to experience your day with you in a much more magical way. They’ll have the feel for the location as much as you and your partner do. It also allows them to be able to spend more time with you. If you’re all staying in the hotel, then nobody has to worry about travelling home.

It also means adults with children can put them to bed, and come back down to finish the party. Older guests such as grandparents will also get a chance to have a nap in the afternoon if they feel they need one.

Hotels often offer a wedding package

Due to the fact that hotel weddings are becoming more and more popular, hotels will offer wedding packages. This often includes setting up the room you’ll marry in, helping to do up your reception room, and will also help with any other little details that you’d like to include with your big day. They will also be on hand for the service for all of the guests that are coming to the reception.

Hotels will have designated wedding co-ordinators which you don’t pay extra for. These people will be running around behind the scenes to make sure the day runs perfectly.

They make for amazing wedding photos

Having the best possible backdrop for your wedding pictures is close to the top of any wedding planner’s list. Luckily, hotels are usually surrounded by gorgeous grounds and well-kept gardens for you to have your wedding photos taken.

Open-all-hours service

Another reason you should host a hotel wedding is that the service you receive is there twenty four hours a day. This includes the bar within the hotel. It’ll stay open for as long as you and your guests need it to be, then when you’re ready you can retire to your room. The service doesn’t stop there either. If you need anything, staff are on hand to cater to your every need.

Breakfast the next day

I don’t know about anyone else but hangover cure = full English breakfast.

Hotels normally have fabulous breakfasts as they’re used to doing it every day. The breakfast will be included in the price of the guests’ rooms and won’t cost you any extra. It’s a chance to see all your guests the next morning too.

As you can see, there are many wonderful reasons to host a hotel wedding, so if you’re wondering where you’re going to have yours, consider looking at some hotels as a possibility and be amazing by what they can offer.

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