What is Decor Rotation and Should You Do It?

What is Decor Rotation and Should You Do It?

I don’t really like change, but decor rotation is absolutely something we should do in our homes.

I’m a really fussy person, but when I do find the PERFECT thing, I won’t get bored of it. That perfect item could easily stay for 10+ years.

I know other people aren’t like that and change their mind every other day.

No matter what sort of person you are, everyone should believe in decor rotation. Our homes can become so tired and dull, until you rotate your furniture and bring in new bits and pieces every now and then.

So, how does decor rotation work, and how can you introduce it?


Move the Furniture Around

Decor rotation should literally start with rotating your decor (funnily enough).

I used to love doing this to my bedroom. My bed would go from the centre of the room, to being pushed into a corner. Then my chest of drawers and bedside tables would all get moved around too. It was very satisfying, and I used to love it.

I haven’t actually done this yet with our house, though I had thought it. ‘What if the sofa went here and we moved the TV here?’. ‘What if the piano went there?’ Jay will go mad….

You might find the room ‘works’ better when things have been moved around.


Replacing the sofa

The living, beating heart and soul of the home is the living room. It’s where you go to relax and watch your favourite television shows. It’s also a place where you have meaningful talks with your guests, friends and family.

Sofas that are older can start to look a bit saggy and definitely past their best. Once you’ve moved all your furniture around, you might find a better place for a new sofa. You can then buy a smaller or bigger one to fit its new home.


Rejigging your Kitchen

You’d be surprised what you can move around in your kitchen to make a subtle difference. You might be able to move appliances such as your microwave, kettle and toaster.

If you have a kitchen diner, you might be able to move your dining table around, or even buy a couple of new chairs for it.

Does your kitchen have space for a breakfast bar? This would be a wonderful addition, and you can buy some new bar stools to go with it too.


A Re-Paint

Sometimes, it’s not just about your decor. A shabby paint job can make your home look dated. You should try and refresh your paint every 10 years or so. Even if you go for the same colour! A touch up will make a massive difference. Just double check you’ve got the right paint colour before you buy (unlike me with this classic paint disaster).


The decor in our homes can often act like a familiar aura. We can get attached and place emotions and sentimental beliefs on the interior designs, but always remember that moving with the times is healthy for your sense of fashion. Out with the old and in with the new!

Are you a big fan of decor rotation too?

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