How to Move House Smoothly

How to Move House Smoothly

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, so you want to move house smoothly.

The biggest jobs in life can often feel like the most stressful. Moving from a small flat that you’ve lived in since flying the nest into a larger house can feel like a big leap! Not only are you upsizing, you can feel like the furnishings and accessories that fit your first home don’t quite fit into your new one.

Sorting your finances is the big worry for those moving house, so make sure you meet with a financial adviser to discuss your mortgage and other options.

First, Get Organised

Moving to a new house is a big job, from organising packaging materials to coordinating moving quotes with companies like Shiply.

From the very beginning, you have to be super organised about the move. You have to make sure your services are ready for switching over on moving day, you have to inform everyone you have any finances with that you’re heading to greener pastures, and you need to ensure that you’re one step ahead of everyone else involved in the move.


Think Ahead

The next thing to think about is your new interior. You would have viewed your home before you bought it, so you’ll already be aware of how much extra space you’ve got.

If you’ve been bunking down on an old single bed, but your new house has a bedroom fit for a Queen, you’ll need to look at upgrading your bed and the bedding for it. There’s not much more exciting than furniture shopping when you’re upgrading to a new house.

You get the chance to fill the spaces with end tables, storage units and soft, chintzy armchairs with squashy cushions. You also get to have a lot of fun researching new styles and designs, so that you can make fresh choices about your colours.

Just don’t buy before you know where something will fit. You can buy small accessories, but don’t get carried away with buying a sofa that won’t fit.

Having all that extra space also means having to keep it cleaner than your old apartment. You could hire a cleaner, or you could look at timetables like this one to help you keep to a good cleaning routine. Your kitchen is going to be bigger, meaning those appliances that were always off-limits in your tiny apartment kitchen suddenly have a place to go!


Be Prepared for the Change

Moving from a small home to a large one also means inheriting an outdoor space that you may not have had before. This adds extra to your household chores, as you now either have a driveway to pressure wash, or you have a backyard to mow regularly.

This outdoor space can be so uplifting, though, as you finally have somewhere to chill out with your friends for free.


Have a Sort Out

Moving smoothly from a small apartment should be easy, but you’ll be surprised at how much ‘stuff’ you accumulated through the time you lived there, and you could find yourself decluttering before you move into the new house. It’s always good to do this, though, as the less rubbish you bring with you, the less you have to store.

Don’t move everything and then have a sort out. This will be a waste of money, and a waste of time moving things you don’t want. It’s best to sort out as you pack, and only pack what you really want or need.


These tips should help you to move house smoothly. It’s an adventure, upgrading the home. Don’t be afraid to play around with new interior looks. Now is your chance to be bold!


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