6 Moving Home Mistakes to Avoid

6 Moving Home Mistakes to Avoid

Moving home can be stressful, to say the least.

It is always surprising how many things you have accumulated over the years. However, we are often guilty of making the house move more stressful than it needs to be. How? Well, read on to discover some of the common moving home mistakes you need to avoid.


Not measuring furniture in advance

Simply assuming that your furniture is going to fit into your new home is never a good idea. There is nothing worse than arriving at your new property and discovering your sofa won’t fit in the living room. It’s hardly going to look good in the garden, is it? Make sure you measure everything before you move.

We had the benefit of renovating the house whilst still living with our parents, so we bought furniture having already measured the space. We had 6 months between buying the house and moving in. Plenty of time to measure and find lovely pieces.


Not packing a survival kit for moving day

When you arrive at your new house, are you really going to want to unpack each and every box straight away? It is likely that you’ve already had a tiring day. This is why it is important to pack a survival kit, ensuring that all of the items you need will be immediately available to you once you arrive at your new pad.

Include a kettle, tea bags, mugs, milk, spoons, some snacks, maybe a couple of ready meals you can stick in the fridge to have for your dinner. People always forget this one: bedding. DON’T pack it in a box, you need it the first night. Also include spare underwear and a toothbrush/toothpaste.


Failing to check insurance

When it comes to house removals, it is vital to check your insurance, as well as the removal company’s insurance. Unfortunately, breakages can easily happen during a move. If there is no insurance in place, you won’t be able to get these items replaced or refunded. All of the most credible companies will have a sufficient insurance policy, so make sure you check this out.


Trying to do everything yourself

While you may not want to spend money on moving your furniture from A to B, it’s often a necessity. Trying to handle everything yourself can be a bigger task than you realise. This is especially the case if you have heavy and awkward items that need moving. It’s even more so if you have a lot of cherished items, as well as those that need special handling during the removal process, such as musical instruments.

Doing everything yourself can actually cost you a lot more money if you end up damaging your belongings.


You don’t consider pets and children

You need to think about what your children are going to do during removal day. If possible, ask a friend or family member to look after your kids for the day. With regards to pets, make sure they are kept in one room while the removal firm is there. You can ensure this is the last room to be emptied and packaged up.


You haven’t had a clear out

Moving home represents the perfect chance to have a clear out. The last thing you want to do is simply move clutter from one place to another. Throw things out weeks before you move, making packing a bit easier.


So there you have it; some of the most common moving home mistakes people make. If you can avoid the errors that have been mentioned above, you can go a long way to ensuring your move is as stress-free as possible.


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