Where And What House To Buy Next

Where And What House To Buy Next

Struggling to know where and what house to buy next?

Deciding what to buy, or even where to buy can be a bit annoying. There’s so much to think about, especially if you’re up and moving with your family. Is the area safe, what are the housing prices like, what are the schools like?

So much will be going round your head, and often you can’t have everything you want when it comes to buying a house. You’ll find that your dream home is too far away from the local shops, or the schools aren’t good. So finding something that has a bit of everything is a bit of a task. Luckily, there’s a few places dotted around the UK that’ll give you that great life you desire.

If you’re still looking, then read on to get some inspiration.



London is good if you want to experience that crazy hustle and bustle lifestyle. However, this lifestyle isn’t for everyone, and London is seriously expensive. The townhouse above might sell for £300,000 somewhere outside London, or in the North. But London prices would probably put it on the market for £1 million and above. 

You could instead choose to live just outside the city centre where things start to get a little less expensive. It’ll be worth paying extra in travel to live outside of the capital city. 

If you do choose to live in London, you’ll probably be looking at earning more in the city anyway, so the living costs might then even out.

There is so much to do inside London, that you’ll never be bored. There’s so much culture and excitement, it really is a truly wonderful place to live. There are some huge houses and beautiful apartments for sale or rent if London takes your fancy.


Stunning bungalow cottage on a river/canal with flowers everywhere.


So, from hustle and bustle to something a little more quiet. There’s something about Wales that just offers so much tranquillity, especially the rural area. A lot of my family are from Wales, and although I grew up in England, I’ve lived in Chester on the border of North Wales my whole life. 

If you were still looking for something a bit more exciting, you could try Cardiff or Swansea, both have so much character. But a lot of people move to Wales in order to live the relaxing lifestyle.

It is however, rather far out from other areas of the UK, so hiring a moving company is definitely going to be needed. A lot of them don’t like to travel around the rural areas, so try companies such as Shiply who will compare tonnes of different companies that can meet your needs.

If you are thinking of rural Wales, be prepared to be out in the sticks a bit with nothing around. If you do chose something such as Cardiff, the nightlife and day life is a lot more upbeat, it just depends on what you’re looking for.

Wales offers some wonderful town houses, as well as huge houses in the hills full of land. It is the complete opposite from London, but you can get a lot more for your money, and the living costs are a lot cheaper. Jobs may be a bit scarce however if you go rural. Prepare to travel quite a way for work.


Important Things to Consider

When we bought our house, we looked at the location, the amenities, the number of bedrooms, the surrounding house prices. If we had children, we might not have bought our house with it being on a main road, and we definitely would have looked at local schools.

You need to work out what your priorities are. Ours was the location. Jay works as a mechanical engineer and therefore works in large industrial units. We live close to the motorway so it’s easy to get to Liverpool, where he used to work, and also into North Wales where he currently works. I also wanted to stay close to Chester without having to pay Chester prices. We’re 20 minutes outside of Chester, near enough to both of our families, and yet the house prices are much more reasonable.

We were sensible and knew we couldn’t afford to live in Chester, so didn’t bother looking. You also need to think about house size. We have a 3-bedroom semi with a large double garage in the garden. Again, we don’t have children so didn’t need a huge garden. Jay also wanted, as a priority, some sort of workshop or garage to keep cars in so he absolutely got his wish.

We compromised on the busy road. It’s not too loud, especially as the traffic dies off at night, but it’s difficult to reverse into our drive when it’s busy, and it’s on a major bus route that goes from Liverpool to Chester. Definitely a regret of mine, but I love our house so probably wouldn’t change it!


So there are two major, yet wonderful places that you could live in the UK. There’s so many more amazing areas you could try though, prepare to be amazed by what the UK has to offer.


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