New Year, New House: 7 Tips For Settling In

New Year, New House: 7 Tips For Settling In

Wanting a fresh start in the new year? Moving house is tough, but these tips for settling in should help you get back on your feet!

The end of a year always gets you thinking about the new one that’s approaching: what will your resolutions be, what will you do different, will it be ‘your year’?

Christmas is already nearly here, with only 11 days to go (where’s the time gone?!) But there’s nothing like getting yourself ready to take the next twelve months by storm. So much so, that some of us will already have plans in motion.

Most people plan on putting their home on the market in January. Some might have put theirs on the market in October hoping it would sell before Christmas. We bought ours over Christmas and the house had been on the market since June!

Moving at this time of year can feel quite chaotic. But there is something magical about moving when the new year begins, and the ‘New year, new start’ idea definitely comes into it.

It’s easy to say you won’t get too stressed with the process, but you will. It’s all part of moving house. You should not only brush up on some top tips to consider when moving house, but you’re going to want to work on your settling in plans too. To make sure that your move is a success, and that you don’t stress out too much, it’s the getting settled part that you need to nail. So if you are moving ahead of the new year, or over the next few weeks, here’s some tips for settling in to your new home. 


Do Your Cleaning First

The first thing you need to do, before anything else, is clean. So you’ve packed up everything you own and you’re ready to move it over to the new place. But don’t – not just yet. You need to ensure that everything is clean before you do. Cleaning will be difficult if you’re trying to clean around boxes and furniture. Do a full clean, and then move everything over. 


Decorate Ahead If You Can

Another trick to make yourself feel as settled as possible, is to decorate before you move in. Of course, this isn’t always going to be an option if there’s chains of people relying on you to move out so they can move in. But, if you do have a bit of a crossover between places, then it’s going to work in your favour. 


Have One Room Ready To Relax In

If you can’t quite manage to decorate before you do move in, or you have a lot more work to do than just a fresh lick of paint, you’re going to want to try this instead. You need one room that is ready and done, so that you have a space you can chill out in. The rest of the house could be a complete mess and need a lot doing to it, but if you have that one room you’re going to feel more settled.


Create Organised Chaos

It’s definitely a given that your house is going to be piled high with boxes for awhile. And it’s going to look a mess – there’s no way around that. But you can make things easier. By packing up your old house strategically, you’ll know where everything is, and you’ll be able to access what you need, when you need it. LABEL EVERYTHING. Label what is in each box, and pack up by room so you know what box belongs where. 


Unpack The Essentials Early

Or, don’t even pack the essentials in the first place. Maybe put them in a suitcase or bag that you can carry on you. This means it’s the first bag to arrive at the new place, and easy to find. It should include spare clothes, mugs and teabags, even clean bedding so you can make your bed and have somewhere to sleep that night. Put a handy takeout menu in there too so you can order in instead of cooking (we ordered curry our first night and ate it on the floor, but it was THE BEST idea). 


Stock Up On Supplies

A huge part of the settling in process is keeping some kind of normality, even though your life won’t be feeling all that normal right now. One of the best ways to do this is to ensure that you have all of the supplies you need, from make-ahead meals to drinks and snacks. You might not unpack your baking trays or casserole dishes for a few days so quick and easy microwaveable food is your best best. 

I actually did a food shop and ordered it to be delivered the day we moved in. This meant we didn’t have to stop what we were doing to spend two hours at the supermarket and an hour unpacking it all. It got delivered which saved me so much valuable box-unpacking time.


Finish Off The Basics First

You should also work hard to get some of the basics in place to begin with. From securing your home to getting your utilities switched on and even hooking up your WiFi, these are the obvious but essential things that will make you feel settled. When they’re in place, you’ll start to feel like your new home is quickly coming together.

We obviously renovated our house, but we had WiFi even when the place was a building site. It meant the days we were there stripping wallpaper or knocking walls down were so much easier.


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