How to Settle into a New House Quickly

How to Settle into a New House Quickly

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be on Zoopla or Rightmove every other day to see what’s out there, and if anything else has been added. We’re not even moving house.

Then when you do move, you live in this kind of limbo for a couple of weeks. You’re still working out where you want things to go, and the best place for them. You don’t want to put any wall art up in case you change your mind, and then have to fill in the holes you’ve drilled. You’re still kind of living out of the ‘Misc’ boxes filled with random items you’re not sure where to put.

It’s a tough time, and you want to settle into a new house quickly and get straight back to normal life.

Lots of people choose to move in January—new year, new start, and all that. But moving in January can be stressful when you’ve got Christmas looming over your head as well, and you’ve got a bazillion things to sort out. And you can’t pack that yet because you might need to use it once before moving. We got the keys to our house on January 6th. It’s a stressful time, considering we had so many renovations to undertake before actually moving in.

You can take a look at some top tips to consider when moving house (just plugging my own blog posts here), but you’ll also need to know how to settle into a new house quickly, so you can get on with your life. I’ve come up with just a few ideas.


Do Your Cleaning First

The first thing you need to do before anything else is clean. I know that you’re all excited to just get EVERYTHING in and unpack it, but try not to. You need to ensure that everything is clean before you do.

If you start putting sofas and fridges in, you can’t clean under or behind them later on without moving it all again. Cleaning is also difficult if you’re trying to manoeuvre unsuccessfully around boxes.

Cleaning is like some sort of spiritual cleansing ritual. You want to get the feel of the previous owners out immediately, and make it feel like yours.


Have One Room Ready To Relax In

Trying to get every single room sorted in one day is an impossibility. Let’s be realistic here.

So what you should do is focus on one room that you can get finished, to help you settle into a new house quickly. Think about where you’ll be relaxing in and using most. It’s probably the living room or the bedroom.

The rest of the house could be a complete mess, but it doesn’t matter! Organising everything will come in time.


Add your Favourite Items

To settle into a new house quickly, the best way to make it INSTANTLY feel like yours is to add some of your favourite items. You could put your favourite throw on the sofa, or your favourite chair in the bedroom. Lighting your best candle works too. These things are all associated with you and with your old home, so they’ll instantly relax you, and make your new place truly feel like yours.


Stock Up On Your Favourite Food (and Wine)

A huge part of the settling in process is keeping some kind of normality, even though your life probably won’t be feeling all that normal right now.

You should plan ahead to moving day and order from your favourite takeaway, or buy your favourite meal (in microwaveable form, of course. Don’t kid yourself that all your pots and pans will be unpacked in the first couple of days).O

I actually did a food shop online and ordered it to be delivered the day we moved in. This meant we didn’t have to stop what we were doing to spend two hours at the supermarket and an hour unpacking it all. It got delivered which saved me so much valuable box-unpacking time.


Trying to settle into a new house can be tough, and it can take a while for it to really feel like home. I hope that my advice will be able to help some people out.

Do you have any tips I haven’t mentioned on how to settle into a new house?

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