Make your Small Home feel Light and Spacious

Make your Small Home feel Light and Spacious

Is your small home starting to feel cramped and dingy? These tips will make your small home feel light and spacious.

There are many merits to a smaller home. They’re cheaper to buy, cheaper to run, cheaper to furnish and quicker to clean amongst other things. However getting a tiny home to look exactly how you want can be tricky.

When you don’t have tonnes of floor space to work with, it can be a struggle finding the right pieces and fitting in all of your possessions while still keeping it looking nice. Here are some of the ways you can make your small home feel light and spacious!



Very light colours on the walls will keep a small home looking as spacious as possible. Natural light will reflect off it. Light pastels or light neutrals work well, as does standard white. Darker colours and bold patterns will both draw the room in, and make a small room look even smaller.

Unless you’re using white, always use a tester and paint a section of the wall before committing to the colour. Paint often looks darker once it’s on the walls, so make sure you’re choosing a colour that’s as light as you want. If you do want to use wallpaper, keep it to the feature wall and use a light colour with a subtle pattern.


White desk in a bright white room


When you’re living in a smaller home, you don’t have the luxury of being able to go out and buy any piece of furniture that you want. Large pieces will crowd and dominate the room so you need to shop smart.

Always take measurements, and mark out the sizes on the floor with tape so you can see exactly how it will look in the room.

Wall beds are a great space saving solution for small spaces. You could install one in your office so that it transforms into a guest room when you have people over. You could mount your TV on the wall to save space, or go with things like wall mounted mini-shelves either side of the bed instead of bedside tables. Have a think about what would work best for you.



When you’re in a smaller home, flooring is another area to get right. If you choose the same floor covering all the way through it will create flow to the home and can actually create the illusion of more space. Again a lighter colour will give the look of more space, although this is less important than wall colour and you could go a little darker if you wanted.

Decide between carpet, a wood floor such as laminate or real wood or a high-end tile such as marble or granite. The latter options will be easier to clean, but less cosy underfoot. You could get around this by putting down large area rugs.



To keep a small home room looking streamlined and free of clutter, you need to invest in the right storage. This could be built-in wardrobes. These are a good choice as they’re fitted between the floor to ceiling to maximise the space. They can also be made as deep or shallow as you like depending on the size of the room. They can even fit around awkwardly shaped rooms.

Built-in shelving is another good option and gives you plenty of storage space, otherwise, choose smart pieces. Storage beds, ottomans and more will all have concealed space where you can stash your possessions and keep the home tidy.

A clutter free space will make your small home feel light and spacious.


Wooden bedside table with white wall light


Finally, lighting is crucial in a smaller space.

Dim rooms will always look dingy and small, so you’ll need to do what you can to make sure the home is properly lit.

The first step would be to make the most of the natural light. Make sure your window treatments aren’t too heavy and blocking out the sunshine. You could hang a large mirror on the wall opposite the window which will bounce around the natural light.

If you’re allowed to make modifications to the building (this won’t be an option if you’re in a rented home) you could have the window extended. Otherwise, things like skylights and glass patio doors are a good option and will help the light to flood in.

Doors block natural light, so consider using glass doors on the inside of your home to allow light to flow between rooms. Or choose no doors at all, modern archways look equally as nice.

On top of this, you should ensure that your artificial light is correct for when it gets dark. Ceiling lights should be neither too large or too small, and a couple of lamps at different heights will allow you to tailor the lighting to whatever you’re doing. Table lamps, floor lamps, sconces and even decorative fairy lights are all options.


These tips on how to make a small home feel light and spacious will make you forget it’s a small place at all.

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