How to Pick a Wedding Venue

How to Pick a Wedding Venue

This guide on how to pick a wedding venue is for all newly-engaged brides-to-be who have no idea what they want.


Weddings are so baffling: how do you even know where to start once the excitement of the engagement wears off?! Nowadays there are so many options to choose from. People are choosing small and intimate over big and showy, or abroad over home, or casual over formal. There is no limit to your wedding. It’s however you want it. So the big question is: how to pick a wedding venue?

The venue will be one of the most important parts of your day. It’s one of the first things guests look at on the invitation to guess what kind of a wedding it will be. Here’s how to pick a wedding venue and get it right first time.


Know your location

Me and Jay got lucky in that we are both from Chester, and have lived here our whole lives. But maybe you’re from Scotland and your partner from London, and you both want the wedding in your home town. Will you find a venue in between so that your family have to meet halfway? Or just choose somewhere in the South over the North. Maybe you don’t even want it in the UK, but abroad! Knowing where you want your wedding to be should be the first thing you think about. Choose a location and then search for venues within the radius.


Know your budget

How on earth can you choose a venue if you haven’t worked out your budget? Don’t get too excited and start booking appointments at all the manor houses in a 20 mile radius if you don’t know how much money you have available to spend on the venue. You need to think about how you’ll split the budget. Do you want 25% to go on the venue? Or would you rather have a cheaper venue and spend lots of money on decor to dress it up?

Work out your budget and then this will narrow down your search. You won’t be wasting time looking at places you couldn’t afford. You’ll only end up getting yourself in debt if you do book one without working on finances first. Or you’ll have to cut back in other ways which isn’t much fun either.


Know your style/theme

Do you want a barn wedding situated somewhere like Cain Manor? Or do you want a classic wedding in a manor house? Maybe you want a fairytale wedding set in an outdoor venue. Whilst most venues can be dressed to accommodate any theme, you do still need to think about whether a masquerade ball will work in a tipi. Or maybe you’ve booked a hotel with red walls, and you want pink as your colour scheme. It sounds like such a minute detail, but it might make you think twice about your venue choice.


Know your numbers

There is no point looking around a marquee that can seat 300 people if you plan on having an intimate and personal wedding of 50 people. Similarly, don’t book a tipi, and then invite twice as many people as can fit in it. You need to know your numbers to understand which venues will be most sensible.


I hope this guide on how to pick a wedding venue can help some brides out. There’s always websites like which are there to help. That’s actually how I found my venue. Whatever you choose, you’ll have the best day ever!


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