Things to Consider Before You Get Married

Things to Consider Before You Get Married

Getting married is an adventure all on its own, and can be a pretty confusing jungle. There are certain things and steps you need to consider before you get married.

Though not everyone will think about these things, it will make the whole wedding process much easier.

If you follow these things to consider before you get married, you’ll both be much happier.

A Place To Stay

Me and Jay said we would live together before we got married. How else can you truly know a person until you’ve experienced every bad habit? Living with Jay has also made it easier from a finance situation. We share the bills and put the same amount into the wedding each month. 

Living with your parents will have a strain on both of you if you’re also trying to plan a wedding. It’s so much easier said than done, but it would be easier to settle into a house first, and then focus on wedding saving. You don’t want to still be living with your parents when you’re married! It’s always best to marry when you have plans of getting your own place to stay.

With regards to a place to stay, you want to think about where you’re staying the night before the wedding. If you’re not bothered about seeing each other (‘bad luck’ and all that) then stay at home. Me and Jay will each be staying at our parents the night before to avoid any bad luck!


Wedding Bands

It’s important to find the most beautiful and suitable wedding bands you can. Paying for premium is something that truly matters here as you’ll have your wedding bands for the rest of your life. They need to be good quality.

They’re a memento which symbolises your entire marriage, so it’s important to find something perfect. The correct wedding bands you should use are often beautifully crafted Tacori wedding rings, as these offer a perfect balance between stylish design and a modern aesthetic while also being made of enviable and durable materials. With one of these on your finger, you’re sure to experience many words of positive approval and jealousy.

Of course, rings are subjective based on the tastes on both sides, meaning that the wedding band you choose should be carefully considered based on the shared personality you have.


Wedding bands on a white pillow with pink ribbon


Financial Backing

It’s always important to start off the wedding with a relatively satisfying amount of savings.

While the ‘dowry’ is falling out of fashion, having a little money for you to both invest in your future goes a long way in securing the initial and early stages of a great marriage. Nowadays, the bride’s parents and the groom’s parents share the cost of the wedding. It’s also normal to invest yourself, as me and Jay have.

Having this security contingency will help you relax and both feel comfortable in enjoying your future life together. And you’ll be safe in the knowledge that you’re not bankrupting yourselves to pay for your wedding.


Storage Space

You won’t believe how much wedding-related stuff you will accumulate before the big day. My mum is currently storing my veil, my shoes, 80 bottles of wine, 30 jars, 14 candles, the bridesmaids’ gifts. This will soon increase to my wedding dress, and anything else wedding related that I buy before now and then (hangers, guest book, table plan, etc). We have to take everything over to our wedding venue the week of the wedding, and I honestly thing we’ll struggle to do it in one car load. 

I never even thought of storage for wedding things, so make sure you clear some space.


Hopefully, these things to consider before you get married will help you gain some solid footing to start your marriage on. 

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