Lamps for your Home Office

Lamps for your Home Office

In case you don’t know yet, I’m renovating my home office. This is a project I’m so excited about, and can’t wait to get finished (more so I can move all my books out of our spare room and back onto their shelves).

This project got me thinking about desk lamps. They add height to the room and the desk, and are an accessory as well as something you’ll use everyday. So I’ve been shopping and picked out some of my favourite lamps for your home office on the market at the moment.


Wooden Table Lamp,


Tripod lamp with cream shade from

I love the simple design of this lamp from (find it here). The tripod legs give it an industrial look, but the cream lamp shade and use of oak make it more modern than industrial, which is just what I love about it.


Livorno table light in Brass


Brass lamp with bare bulb from Dwell

This lamp is another industrial look with the use of a bare bulb with no lampshade. It’s a sleek design that will fit on any size desk. Brass works well with navy or pink. Pick it up from Dwell (it’s half price!)


Concrete Table Lamp


Concrete based lamp from John Lewis

I’ve actually fallen in love with this stunning lamp from John Lewis. I’m always attracted to grey (in clothes, home decor, anything) so it’s no surprise my eye was drawn to this one straight away.


Pineapple lamp in glass


Laura Ashley living room with glass pineapple lamp on end table.

This pineapple lamp from Laura Ashley is quirky enough, but its subtle colour means it will fit into any room of your house. I love the glass base and the pineapple trend is one that doesn’t seem to be disappearing quite yet. Maybe we’re all trying to imagine we’re in Barbados or something.


I hope these lamps for your home office have given you some food for thought. They definitely have for me (I’ll be heading to John Lewis to pick up that gorgeous concrete one soon).


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