Where are you losing money on your house?

Where are you losing money on your house?

Are you losing money on your house by paying for things you don’t need?

We all like to cut corners from time to time to meet the budget requirements. This might be taking some things out of the food shop because you’ve gone over your weekly limit. Or perhaps deleting your Netflix subscription because you can’t remember the last time you used it.

You want to provide as much as you can for your family. Yet you have to save money all the time just in case something goes wrong. But how is it you’re left with hardly any money for yourself? But have you ever looked at your finances to see how you could be overspending?

So where could you be losing money on your house?

All the channels

Look at what we have now at our fingertips: smartphones, computers and tablets that all have access to YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime and a whole list of other free media outlets. You can search online for your news and read full-length articles by professional publications. Do you really need all the channels nowadays?

New media or alternative media is making leaps and bounds. You still need the basics, but in truth, that’s about it. That’s why you should switch to freeview installation. You get the basic channels that you need such as BBC, Sky TV, Channel 4, etc. With these, you get news, documentaries, sports and movies that are displayed on the main corporations’ primary channels. However, you don’t pay the premium prices. This will stop you losing money on your house. 



Landlines are one day going to die out; it’s just how technology moves forward. It’s happening already with more and more households doing away with their landline number.

Usually, it comes with a broadband package but this, of course, costs more. Everybody and their mother has a mobile phone. We’re now obsessed with them so why shouldn’t they be our main source of telephone contact with the entire world? See if you can get rid of your clunky landline phone and save extra money in your pocket each month because of it.

Me and Jay saved £10 per month by switching from free anytime calls, to free evening and weekend calls. We might consider getting rid of the phone altogether to save even more.


Not having before-stops

If you have multiple young children and pets, you know how easily a lovely carpet can get ruined. You’ve just spent money on having the downstairs recarpeted, and then the kids come running in from outside, leaving muddy footprints all over it. If you live in a part of the world where rain is frequent (the UK), you know how imperative a mat of some sort is.

You need a stopping point before people enter the home, which is why mats are there. Wiping your feet before you go in could save you money on carpet cleaners, wallpaper solution and a heap of sponges. Do not get a bristle mat; it doesn’t work as well as a dirt trapper made from synthetic fibers. It might be a small change, but one that could make a difference. 


There’s leakage in every budget here and there. You should sit down and take a look at everything that comes out of your account. Don’t forget you can barter with certain companies too. I reduced mine and Jay’s BT bill by £15 just by phoning up and saying that our bill was too high. Do you really need to buy 3 bottles of wine a week with your food shop? Do you need an Apple Music account AND Spotify? Work out what you don’t need, and take it from there to save some money. 

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