Grey and Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Grey and Yellow Wedding Inspiration

Grey and yellow is a stunning colour combination for your wedding that could be huge in a couple of years.

Yellow isn’t the biggest wedding colour theme at the moment, however I’m guessing Spring/Summer 2019 will be its year. Slowly, we can see yellow appearing in home interiors and in clothes on the high street.

I visited the M&S website, then clicked ‘New In’. See my point?

Grey and yellow M and S jumpers, dresses, and bags


Things seem to come into fashion in clothing first, and then weddings later. Most brides book things a year in advance, so if yellow is ‘in’ now, it’ll take a while to start appearing in weddings. Unless you’re me and chose a colour because you loved it andĀ then it becomes fashionable. FYI, I started it.

Yellow is such a fresh colour. People can sometimes be afraid of it, but if you pick the right shade, it can actually be very neutral or pastel. I’ve chosen a lovely lemon yellow as my wedding colour theme.

Thinking of having grey and yellow wedding scheme? Here’s some fabulous inspiration from around the web.



Flowers is a fab way of incorporating yellow. You can have as much or little as you like. You could have a full yellow bouquet, or tone it down by adding plenty of white flowers or green foliage.

Yellow roses and white roses in a bouquet

Photo credit:

For my grey and yellow wedding theme, I’ve actually chosen to not have yellow flowers at all. The bridesmaids are wearing yellow, so a yellow bouquet would be too much. All my flowers are white with plenty of green foliage. The only yellow flowers I’ve got are in the church pedestals. The men’s buttonholes are also yellow as this will look so nice against the mid-grey suits.

If you’re getting married in Spring or Summer you might be able to save money on your wedding with yellow flowers. Flowers that are in season are cheaper because there’s much more of them around.



Harry and Meghan announced that their wedding cake is going to be lemon and elder flower. That sounds amazing! But this is also another way to add the grey and yellow colour scheme. I know lemon flavour isn’t a colour, but you see yellow when you think of it. You could also have white/grey icing with some delicate yellow sugar flowers trailing down the side.

yellow and white wedding cake

Photo Credit: Marta Locklear,


If you’re brave (like me) then you can choose yellow bridesmaids dresses. I found that the yellow doesn’t actually wash people out as much as I thought. In fact, it can be a very warming colour that suits most skin tones, and hair colours.

Yellow bridesmaids with bride

Credit: Meg Baisdon



This is another subtle way of incorporating yellow without it being too in your face. You can get a stunning confetti shot with this bright colour. Again, it canĀ always be watered down by mixing ivory petals in with it.


Yellow wedding biodegradable confetti

Photo credit:


Table Decor

You could go crazy with yellow, and get chair covers, flowers, napkins, etc. Or choose to keep it low key by mixing with plenty of white. Use white tablecloths, and white chair covers, with only a hint of yellow on each table, maybe in a favour.


yellow and grey wedding theme - yellow flowers and white roses on grey tablecloth

Photo credit:


Would you consider a grey and yellow wedding?

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