Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

Wedding Mistakes to Avoid

There are some wedding mistakes that can absolutely be avoided because they’re under your control.

I like to be in control. This is something that I’ve learnt during my wedding planning process. There are wedding mistakes that can’t be avoided, like the weather, but there are also wedding mistakes that you can be in control of.

Your wedding is going to be one of the most exciting, magical, and stressful times of your entire life. You want everything to be perfect (what bride doesn’t?!), but it’s unlikely that everything will be perfect. On the day, half of the mistakes that happen won’t be noticed. If you’re organised enough, there are some things that won’t go wrong because you won’t let them. Let’s see what I’m talking about. 


Choosing The Wrong Dress

As a bride you get to pick your wedding dress. Yay! However, this can be a daunting task. There are so many BEAUTIFUL gowns out there, but what style do you want?! It’s one of the most exhausting and exciting tasks. It’ll take a long time, and it’ll be very stressful. But when you find the perfect dress, it’s all worth it.

When choosing your dress, always remember your budget and don’t feel forced to buy a dress that you know you don’t like. You have to wear it all day so you have to be happy. And you also need to be able to sit down in it….


Booking Without A Guest List

I’ve said this over and over again. This will be my biggest piece of wedding advice to anyone ever. You need to figure out your numbers. It doesn’t need to be specific. And you don’t suddenly have to produce a table plan before the invites have even gone out.

But if you haven’t got even a vague idea of how many guests you’re having, then don’t think about booking a wedding venue, caterers, or anything else. If you book without knowing how many guests you have, then the chances are you’ll either overspend or book something that doesn’t accommodate everyone. This is a huge wedding mistake on the wedding mistakes list. 


Ignoring Your Budget

You may want to get married in El Salvador and have your reception at Courtyard San Salvador. But if your budget won’t accommodate this, then it’s not possible. Similarly, you can’t spend too much on flowers, your dress, or anything else.

However, being on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have a beautiful wedding. It just means that you need to come up with a few ideas to cut costs without sacrificing the things you really want. DIY what you can. You don’t need an ice cream van, or a formal sit down meal. Invite less people (do you really need your aunty’s Grandma’s sister there?) and have an informal hog roast that everyone will love. 


Not Planning Enough Time

You’re inevitably going to be nervous on your wedding day, but, generally, it should be as relaxed as you can make it. Unfortunately, it’s pretty difficult to relax when you have to rush, because you didn’t give yourself enough time to get ready, eat, have pictures taken, or whatever else. It’s vital that you think about your wedding day schedule carefully, and make sure that you’ve allotted enough time to do everything.


Ignoring Your Guests

Your wedding day is all about you, but your guests are important too. If you don’t make time to speak to them and thank them for attending, then they might feel as though you don’t care. If you don’t want to greet guests after the ceremony, then make sure you make the rounds at the reception and speak to every table. You should also remember to send thank you notes to all who attended as soon as you can.


No wedding is ever completely perfect, but if you avoid making the mistakes mentioned above, yours could get pretty close!

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