Garage Organisation Tips and Advice

Garage Organisation Tips and Advice

This post comes to you today as a bit of a story about mine and Jay’s garage, and why we need some garage organisation in our lives!

The garage was a selling point when we bought our house. It’s a double garage that sits in the back garden, and is perfect for all of Jay’s projects. When we started our house search, we didn’t really know what we were looking for, only that it needed some kind of workshop space and needed to be a doer-upper.

We ticked off both of those things when we bought our house. It was definitely a doer-upper (hello green carpet and 70s kitchen). The garage was a great size.

It was only when we moved in, we realised how much of a problem the garage was.

  • We found a rats’ nest
  • It leaks like a sieve
  • It has an asbestos roof
  • It’s basically built straight onto the ground with no foundations

So just a few problems.

It still leaks, and so we’re trying desperately to get everything off the floor and onto racking or shelving. Garage organisation is so important. I hate going in there because it’s a mess (and I do have to go in there because our washing machine is in there). You can never find anything, and who knows what might be living in our old kitchen cabinets.

So how can you complete your garage organisation and make it a fairly nice place to go into?



Labels are your friend. How else are you supposed to know what is in each box? Everything should be boxed by ‘type’, e.g. car cleaning, tools, paint, etc. This means when you go into the garage, you can see straight away what box you need. And it’s a case of just lifting it off and opening it.


Wall hooks

Hanging items on the wall gets everything off the floor and absolutely tops off garage organisation. It saves space, and makes everything neat and tidy so you can just lift your item off. A company like GearHooks will sort your garage out easily. No matter what your hobby, fishing, skiing, BMXing, GearHooks has a hook for you.



This is a necessity. It means you can stack things up high rather than letting them take up floor space. We’ve recently bought wall-to-wall racking which is yet to be put together. However, when it is, it’ll be a massive help.


Keep an eye out for my post in a couple of weeks on how our garage looks after it’s been organised and storage has been introduced!

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