Small Wedding Details to Consider

Small Wedding Details to Consider

So, I got married on Saturday, but that doesn’t mean I’ll stop blogging about weddings!

I absolutely love the wedding industry. I’ve always loved weddings, even the waiting around whilst pictures are taken, even the drunk family members, and disasters that might happen along the way.

Your wedding day comes around so quickly, and it’s over so quickly. But it’s the small details people remember. Did you think about the vegan menu as much as you thought about the main one? Have you scheduled everything correctly?

There’s usually too much to do and not enough time. And, if you miss a big detail then it could ruin the whole wedding.

Sadly, you can’t change your mind so you have to crack on and power through. While you’re doing this, it’s easy to focus on the big features. But, the small wedding details can be as important. Take a look below if you are a non-believer.


Dietary Restrictions

Veganism and vegetarianism are getting more and more popular so there may be a couple of these at the reception. No big deal because these options are covered.

Still, some guests may have other restrictions that aren’t covered by meat or dairy-free meals. Gluten-free is a big one these days because people are beginning to realise they have a deficiency. To cover all bases, you should include a short paragraph on the invite explaining to guests what they should do if they have any dietary needs.

I tried to consider everyone. Whilst this may cause more stress than necessary, I’m too much of a people-pleaser. Small wedding details were my nemesis, and I considered all angles. I bought dairy-free chocolate favours for the vegans and dairy-allergy sufferers. It was worth it, as they were pleased I’d thought about them so much.


Wedding Shoes

Girls, we are pros at walking in heels the size of the Empire State Building. The thing is that your wedding day isn’t like a regular Saturday night on the town. As you glide down the aisle, the jitters and nerves will start to take hold and it may make walking difficult. Factor in the 5-inch heels and that’s when things get wobbly.

Sky-high heels are also okay for a short period of time. But I wore my 3″ wedding shoes for 12 hours. It’s a long day. You should try to walk-in your wedding shoes before the big day so that they’re comfortable.

At the very least, they should feel familiar and that will help to avoid an embarrassing fall. I cooked a curry in my wedding heels!


Church Temperature

The guys are suited and booted with trousers and jackets, and even they find churches cold. The ladies, in their dresses, are bound to feel the chill even more. Everyone can enjoy a pleasant and comfy ceremony as long as the venue has underfloor or central heating. In summer, the weather isn’t a huge problem but it becomes an issue in autumn and winter.

Our April wedding was pleasant and warm, but the church would still have been cold. We paid around £160 for heating. This meant someone went into the church at around 8.30am to switch it on, so by the time our 12pm wedding came around, it was toasty enough. I have to say, I was too busy getting married to notice the cold! 


Crowd Photos

A photographer will be on duty to take fantastic snaps of the best day of your life. Still, it never hurts to have backups. Friends and family will have cameras and want personal memories, and you can steal the high-quality ones. All you have to do is hand out your email address and ask them to forward the images.

Or, set up a hashtag so that every picture that is posted on social media goes directly to your feed. This may not seem vitally important, but you don’t want to miss the perfect photo that encapsulates the day.


So, are you ready for the big day? Once these small wedding details are finished, there’s only one last thing – get married!

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