Master Bedroom Inspiration and Plans

Master Bedroom Inspiration and Plans

Struggling to redecorate your bedroom like me? This master bedroom inspiration post might help you (hopefully).

Me and Jay have nearly finished renovating our first home. We finished renovating our study last month, and we have huge garden plans for next year. But of course, things don’t stop in our house so we’re planning to renovate our master bedroom whilst we’re saving for the garden. I have a vague idea of how I want it to look, but this is one of the most important rooms, and I so want to get it right.

Although we have a north-facing garden (boo), this has lots of advantages. For one, the living room and bedroom get flooded with light in the summer evenings. Our massive windows also means that the bedroom is a very bright room, so it can hold dark and bold colours well.

Here are my plans for our renovation, and also some master bedroom inspiration on how you can decorate it too.


The Accessories

Accessories can make or break a room. They’re so important in a bedroom too. Think of all that empty space above the headboard, and you need to add height to your bedside tables.

We’ve recently got these touch lamps which I’ve fallen in love with, from First Choice Lighting. They’re for our bedside tables. We obviously haven’t even started renovating it yet, but I knew these are what I wanted. Plus they’re white so they’ll go with anything.


Lamps from First Choice Lighting, white shade and nickel stands and base


They add the perfect amount of height to the bedside tables, and I can dim them so when I’m reading, the room is dark enough for Jay to sleep in (you can see another picture of them on the bedside table below, but I don’t share too many pictures of our bedroom because it is bad.)

Accessories also include rugs. I would love some dark hardwood flooring in our bedroom. This can make the room feel cold. I’d advise buying a rug that’s big enough to cover under the bed and the bedside tables. This means when you get out of bed, your feet are going on fabric and not wood.


The Furniture

Furniture is obviously so important in a bedroom. You want a good balance between filling the room without making it cramped, but equally ensuring that you have enough storage space for all your shoes and handbags. Choosing your bedroom furniture becomes a very important task.

If you have a large, light bedroom, you could choose darker wood. If it’s a small, dark room, always go with white or wardrobes with mirrors and even a glossy shine to help reflect some light.

Our current bedroom furniture is second-hand from my parents. It’s what I had in my room as a child. But the chest of drawers and bedside tables are solid wood and will last for another few years to come. We do have plans to upcycle them, however this usually never works out and we’ll end up buying new.


Can’t wait to get rid of the green carpet!


The Colours

As I said, I really want dark colours in our bedroom, because I think it can take it. I’ve created a moodboard with the dark flooring I want, the green walls, and the white rug. This bed is almost identical to the one we’ve got now too, so it gives me a true idea of how the room could look.


Master bedroom inspiration moodboard for dark walls


Item Breakdowns:

First Choice Lighting bedside lamps


Wall paint

Floor lamp

Poster 1 and Poster 2


So there’s my master bedroom inspiration post. It’s made me so excited to get it all together! I knew I’d love the green walls with dark brown floor, but seeing it in the moodboard I made has made me love it even more.


*Collaborative post

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