Mother of the Bride Outfit Inspiration

Mother of the Bride Outfit Inspiration

Trying to find a mother of the bride outfit can be difficult.

You want to look stylish without looking like you’re dressing too young for your age. You want to look classy, and sophisticated. What colour do you choose if the bridesmaids are in maroon? This blog post is for those mother of the bride’s struggling with where to start.


Complement the Bridesmaids

You want your outfit to complement the bridesmaids without looking like you’re one of them. Usually, a maxi dress is a no for a mother of the bride. You should go for something that’s mid length, either just above the knee, or mid-calf. If you’re stuck for ideas, you can get mother of the bride outfit inspiration from Frox of Falkirk.

You should avoid choosing a colour that matches the bridesmaids, but also avoid one that clashes too much. If the bridesmaids are in blush pink, you could go with navy blue.


Go with a style that suits you

You should go with a style that you’ve worn before, or that you know suits you. You’ll have to look into what hat styles to go for that will suit your face shape. If you’ve never worn a bolero jacket before, don’t go for one on the day.

A long coat, like a blazer, works well over a dress and is a classic wedding guest outfit.


Frox and Falkirk mother of the bride outfit


Shop Early

I CANNOT stress this point enough. You need to start shopping a year in advance. Yes, I know this sounds crazy. But if your daughter is getting married in Spring, you’ll need to start shopping the Spring before to make sure you’re shopping for the right colours. Leave it ’til September, and Winter/Christmas party dresses will be in shops. These will all be navy blue and full of sequins which isn’t ideal for a June wedding.

If you’re having a dress made, like my mum for my wedding, your dress maker needs at least four months notice. They’ll need more notice if it’s an August wedding as this is their busiest time.

Shopping early for your mother of the bride outfit will also mean less panic nearer the time when you haven’t found anything suitable.


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