Why I Adore Living in Chester

Why I Adore Living in Chester

Living in Chester has always meant a huge deal to me, and I’ll never move out of it.

Some people are never happy in one place. They always think there are bigger and better places out there. However, besides the time I moved to Liverpool for university, I’ve never lived outside of Cheshire and never will. Me and Jay both decided that we’ll eventually move back to Chester.

I’ve lived in Chester my whole life, besides my temporary stint in Liverpool. Me and Jay recently bought our first house in Great Sutton, Cheshire, but have always wanted to move back to our home town. I’ve never moved far, and don’t want to either. I feel truly happy in Chester for a number of reasons. It’s where both pairs of Grandparents live. It’s where my parents and Jay’s parents got married. My Dad was actually born in the house my grandparents still live in! It has lots of happy memories for me.

So here’s why living in Chester is so great.


It’s always developing

There are always improvements being made to Chester and the surrounding area.

Laurus Homes is just one of the housing development companies making a change in Cheshire. They’re currently developing homes in Chester, Delamere, Daresbury and Winsford, just to name a few.

Chester town centre has also been updated lots in the last few years. We gained Storyhouse, an incredible cinema, library and theatre right in the city centre. It’s proved amazingly popular and has helped to bring tourists from everywhere to watch the numerous ballet and opera performances. There’s something there for everyone. If ballet isn’t your thing, you can nip in to watch the latest blockbuster at their cinema. Or read in a corner of the library.


Inside of Storyhouse: view of the main foyer with the bar/cafe and part of the library

Photo credit: storyhouse.com, Mark Multy


There’s always something happening

If you’re used to a big city, you might think Chester is too quiet. However, if you do your research, you’ll realise that there’s always something going on for all the family.

Living in Chester, you have the huge benefit of having Chester Zoo on your doorstep. Or if sea life is more your thing, you can visit Blue Planet Aquarium.

For those people that love food, we have the infamous Ice Cream Farm in Tattenhall, about 20 minutes’ drive outside Chester, or the food and drink festivals at Chester and Congleton.

If you’re getting married, there’s always an abundance of wedding fayres, the most popular being The Cheshire Wedding Fayre. Go and visit to have a glass of bubble, some wedding cake samples, and meet some amazing suppliers.

So as you can see, you won’t find yourself bored on a weekend while living in Chester.


There’s so much history

I love Chester because of how pretty it is. There’s so much history to the place that you’re always learning something new about it. We’ve got a stunning cathedral, the city walls, the Roman amphitheater. There’s always lines of children on school trips dresses as mini Roman soldiers. Shops aren’t your normal kind of shops, but usually have beams, or large Tudor entrances. My Dad’s shop is actually Grade II listed and has one of the oldest ceilings in Chester, which it’s guessed is from the 17th century.

This makes your shopping trips unlike any you’ve ever been on.


I could rave about Chester all day. It’s such a beautiful place. However, I’ll finish this post with an infographic, created by Laurus Homes. Find out more about living in Cheshire below!


Infographic about development around Cheshire by Laurus Homes



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