The Leesa Mattress Review

The Leesa Mattress Review

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Mine and Jay’s current mattress was only 18 months old, but we already regretted our purchase. It was memory foam, so really comfy, but far, far too hot. In this weather, being hot because of a mattress isn’t ideal.

So when Leesa got in touch, I’ve never been happier to see an email in my inbox! They sent me their fabulous mattress in exchange for an honest review. Me and my husband have been reviewing it for the last month, so here’s what we thought.


The Material

Standard memory foam mattresses are renowned for making you hot, and for leaving long-lasting dips in the middle of the bed. However, the Leesa mattress is different. It has 3 foam layers. These layers adjust to your body to offer ultimate support.

On top of the memory foam, the Leesa has a 5cm layer of foam that provides airflow, meaning your skin can still breathe and stay cool.

The Leesa comes vacuum packed in a compact box, which is a really clever idea. It made it easy to get on the bed, before undoing the plastic wrap. The mattress then expands itself, ready to be slept on within a matter of hours.



And the benefit of the box? The cat loved it….

Empty Leesa mattress box with cat inside


Our Thoughts

The Leesa mattress is quite a firm one, but you almost forget about this fact because it bends to your shape perfectly. We have been so, SO much cooler since having it. With our old mattress, we’d find whatever body part touching it would be sticky and hot. But since having the Leesa, this has completely changed. We’ve been much cooler, which has been a Godsend in this heatwave.

The mattress fit perfectly to our king-size bed frame which we only bought about 3 months ago.


Bed with Leesa mattress on it


Please ignore the horrible green carpet and embossed wallpaper! We’re yet to renovate this room, and when we do, the bed and bedside tables will look SO much nicer.

In the past, I would often wake up with lower back pain, and I’m not too sure why. Sometimes it would be from sleeping on my back, but other times it seemed completely random. This has now gone thanks to Leesa!


Get Yours!

We love our Leesa mattress. Get yours today! £100 Off The Leesa Mattress + 100 Night Risk-Free Trial + Free UK Delivery

*Product gifted in exchange for honest review. 

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