Picking your Wedding Music

Picking your Wedding Music

So we’re still in full wedding season for Summer 2018, which is why I wanted to discuss your wedding music!

Over the last few years, weddings have started to go out of control. The size and scale of events like these is on the rise, with people working hard to outdo one another with each passing occasion.

In fact, some weddings are so big that they can take over a year to arrange. Throughout the planning process, you will have loads to think about, and this can make it far too easy to miss things out.

To help you with this, this post will be exploring one of the most important elements of any wedding day; the wedding music.


Live or DJ?

At the start of this process, you have to make a very big decision. If you want to focus on music from artists which you know and love, having a DJ can give you the chance to play whatever you like, without being limited to a single set of skills. Of course, though, this can also be achieved with a laptop.

For a lot of people, live music will be the preference here, taking away some of your freedom, while adding a new layer to the entertainment at your event.


The Genre

Picking a genre for something like this is never easy, and a lot of people struggle to find something which everyone likes. Options like jazz, heavy metal, and hip hop won’t appeal to some people whatsoever, but others won’t be able to get enough.

To overcome this issue, your wedding band should offer something broader. Party music is becoming more and more common, comprising of a range of music which is easy to dance and listen to.


The Musicians Themselves

Whether you’ve decided to go with a DJ or a live act, you will have to do plenty of research to find the right one for your wedding. Thankfully, to help you with this, there are directories across the web which can give you access to musicians for hire. With user reviews, their own descriptions, and an insight from experts, these platforms make it incredibly easy to find an option which works for you.


The Songs

Most people won’t be happy to simply let their wedding musicians go to town and choose their own set list. Instead, you should have a big influence on this part of the show, choosing the songs they play and when they will play them. This is particularly important for the first dance. At this point, you should be looking for something important to both yourself and your partner, and won’t have to worry about what anyone else thinks.


Hopefully, this post will inspire you to start your search for the perfect wedding music. Everyone wants their special day to be unique, and it can be easy to get too caught up in this sort of idea. Of course, though, achieving something like this will take loads of time, work, and money, and you may find that it isn’t necessary. As long as you get to experience things you enjoy with people you love, it will be a very memorable day.

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