Finding Inspiration for your Home

Finding Inspiration for your Home

Do you ever get fed up of your home, but can’t seem to find inspiration or new ideas?

Today, I wanted to provide all you lovely readers with a post about finding inspiration for your home. Where on earth do you start? How do you find and create new ideas for a space you’re really bored with? To start with, it’s all in the detail. You can have a sofa, a coffee table, and a TV stand in any living room, but it’s HOW you style them and add your personal touch that matters.

So, how do you find inspiration in the first place? Whether you want to redecorate a whole room, or find out how to style your coffee table, you can be finding inspiration at all these places!


Interior Design websites

If you were an interior designer, you would most likely want to feature your best work somewhere. The best place would be your website.

You should be looking for inspiration on some interior designers’ websites. For example, take Oro Bianco interior design. They have a ‘Projects’ section on their website of various stunning houses and apartments they’ve designed. This means you can not only find inspiration, but also get some interior design tips and tricks whilst you’re there! Look at how they’ve styled the shelves, and how high up they’ve put artwork. All these details will help you out when it comes to your home.



Pinterest is one of the best places for finding inspiration. Pinterest apparently has 50 billions ‘pins’, which can range from pictures to website links. It is the ultimate place for finding home inspiration from people all over the world.

And it doesn’t just have home inspiration, but also plenty of clever storage hacks, cleaning tricks and more!



Sometimes you look through a magazine and think, I can’t afford any of this. BUT there are some budget-friendly magazines out there. Ideal Home is a wonderful example. They have a ‘Real Homes’ section, so you’re not just looking at high-end, luxury apartments, but real homes lived in by real people.

And talking of homes lived in by real people, who doesn’t love a good snoop on some home selling sites like Rightmove. I LOVE having a nosey in other people’s homes. And I always set the budget to £800k plus so I can look at homes I can’t afford and pretend I live there.


ANYWAY, there are tonnes of ways you can find inspiration for your own home when you’re stuck in a design rut. It’s not a surprise, when you’re looking at the same space for years, that you’ll eventually become stuck and unsure on what to do with it. Find a new lease of life for your home by starting with my tips!


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