Wedding Alternatives to Bring the Cost Down

Wedding Alternatives to Bring the Cost Down

Not everyone wants, or can afford, a big beautiful white wedding with 200 guests, so why not shop around for some wedding alternatives.

The modern wedding can end up setting you back thousands upon thousands. Some couples end up getting into debt trying to fund their dream wedding.

But maybe you should break a few conventions and do things a little differently if you want to save some money. There are so many wedding alternatives to most of the things that people spend lots of money on when they’re getting married. 


Crowdsource Snaps

Rather than hiring a professional photographer to take all your wedding snaps, which can be pretty pricey, why not crowdsource images from your friends and family instead?

Encourage everyone to take plenty of photos throughout the day on their phones, and then collate them all and create a special collection of images from everyone’s perspective on the day.


Feed Everyone Once With a Later Wedding

By holding your wedding later in the day, you can make sure that you don’t spend more than you need to on feeding everyone who turns up.

By getting married at 3pm, people can take care of their own lunch arrangements. You’ll only have to provide catering services to people for their evening meal. It cuts your expenditure in this area massively, so give it a try.


Rent Rather Than Buy

There aren’t many things that you actually need to buy for your wedding. After all, most of the stuff you’re going to use will only be used for a single day.

That’s why it makes sense to rent rather than buy. Furniture hire companies, clothing rental companies and companies that rent out decorations can all be useful to you when you’re working on planning your wedding. Why buy what you won’t need the day after your wedding?


Head to the High Street

The high street is the best place for any wedding alternatives. The high street can be really useful for anyone who doesn’t want to spend more than £1000 on a wedding dress. You can buy wedding dresses from high street stores now, and they tend to be very affordable. If you don’t want to go quite that far, simply buy the bridesmaids’ clothes and the men’s suits from the high street rather than a specialist retailer.


Get the Timing Right

The timing of your wedding could really impact how much it all costs. Both the venue you use and the registrar you hire for the service will charge different rates at different times. The cheapest day of the week on which to get married is certainly Sunday. And there are also off-peak times of the year when prices are lower. A Sunday in January will certainly be cheaper than a Saturday in July. 


Getting married can be incredibly expensive if you let it be that way. But as each of these ideas proves, it’s more than possible to make some changes to convention. Make your wedding a lot more affordable than it would otherwise be for you and your partner. And when all’s said and done, the fact that you two get married is all that matters.

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