What Your Home Really Means

What Your Home Really Means

Home means something different to everyone.

We all have a unique idea of what “home” is, yet if most people had to define it they would probably say it’s a feeling of belonging, comfort, safety and stability.

If you notice, these are all emotions. They’re internal feelings that we crave. But so often we are focused on the external touches to the point that sometimes we lose sight of what home really means to us.

Perhaps it’s the feeling of your dog running up to you after a busy day at work, wagging his tale, licking your face and treating you like a lost friend. Perhaps it’s the smell of a particular washing powder, the sound of your children playing, or the serene calm of knowing you can close the door and not be bothered after a busy day in the office.

Home, therefore, is more a feeling that is attached to a particular place than the place itself.  

If you’ve ever travelled and felt “homesick” then you’ll know that the things you miss are aligned with a feeling of familiarity more so than a specific item. It’s not like you are missing the physical bricks that make up your property, it’s the feeling and people contained within these bricks.

It’s possible to live in a house and for it to not feel like a home. If this is the case, then it can make your whole life feel somewhat out of balance.  It’s therefore imperative you find a way to feel more at home within your home, and this list of suggestions will help you to do just that.



Maybe you’ve just moved to a new place. If you’re not feeling at home within your home, it could be because you’ve moved recently. It can take some time for our brain to catch up and transfer its association with what home means from your previous house to your new house.

That said, you can really help it along by unpacking all your stuff.  Moving can be stressful and exhausting. You get halfway through and your motivation and energy starts drifting away. Many people are left with boxes that won’t be unpacked for months. 

This point is particularly pertinent for people renting. Just because you’re renting a property doesn’t mean it shouldn’t feel like home.  There are many people who try not to make themselves too much at home, if they know they’re only going to be somewhere for six months. But that’s the same as going on holiday and not unpacking your case, because you’re only going to be there for a few days.

It’s important you feel at home in your space, and you have every right to make your living environment your own, even if you are renting.

Therefore, no matter whether you own your home or are renting it, make sure you fully unpack your stuff as this will have a huge impact on the speed at which you begin to feel settled. 



A lot of properties today are decorated to be neutral. White walls, white goods, and beige carpets provide a very clean and light presentation that is preferable for most home buyers. But when it’s your own space, rather than a show home, you want to create a more personal and intimate ambience.

A lot of this comes down to indulging in your own choices. For instance, if you want to put up bright purple curtains, rather than the more modern and tasteful window shutters from S:CRAFT, then that’s your prerogative as this is your home.  You should feel free to decorate it however you choose, according to your own preference, rather than the stylistic recommendations of the latest interiors magazines.

If your home is supposed to be your castle, then it’s also supposed to be your blank canvas, so inject some colour into the space and fill it with your own personality.  Furthermore, switch your decor on a regular basis to keep the property feeling fresh and connected with who you are.



So many people today, due to their busy lives, are treating their home as a “crash pad”. This is a place where you can sleep and eat in. But a home is somewhere you can enjoy and relax in.

If you associate your home as somewhere to just fall into bed, have a shower in the morning before work, and pop a ready meal in the microwave, then your home isn’t going to feel like a “home”.  It’s going to feel more like a pit stop!

Take the time to enjoy your home by relaxing in the space and indulge yourself in some quality time. Put on your favourite music, get a face mask, light some candles and read your favourite book in a bubble bath.

Make sure you make the time to enjoy your home.

Invite friends around, have movie nights, dinner parties. If you have children, take the time to make dens and games in your house. Embrace the magic of having a safe, warm and comfortable home.  



Appreciate the fact you have a home. So many of us take it for granted, and there are plenty of people that don’t have the safe shelter of home.  

Indeed, we are often left feeling like we want, or perhaps even need, more. We are so caught up in keeping up with the Joneses that we lose sight of just how precious a gift our home actually is.

Rather than wish your home was bigger, in a better neighbourhood, had a nicer garden, or whatever it is you feel a bit ‘down on’, appreciate the good, and you’ll start to feel much more at home within your space.  Then, if you find yourself struggling on this front, bring in the contrast of the fact there are plenty of people tonight that will be sleeping rough, perhaps even fearing for their safety, and long for a warm, safe and independent space they can call home.


Home is a feeling, and it isn’t something that can be purchased through a real estate agent or injected into a house with a few cushions and candles.  It’s much more about how you use the space, as this will determine how we feel about it, and spending the time to appreciate what we have in our own home.


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