Make your Wedding Budget Stretch Further

Make your Wedding Budget Stretch Further

Weddings can be expensive, so how can you make your wedding budget go as far as possible?

No matter how much money you do or don’t have, when it comes to your wedding day you want it to be special.  In this vein, many people feel it’s important to have a huge budget. But actually, that doesn’t have to be the case.  

Instead, it’s often about budget repurposing, meaning you save on X in order to splurge on Y.  For instance, if you save a little on the catering then you can redirect this into purchasing some lovely Irish wedding bands that will stay with you long after the buffet has been digested.

Here’s a few ways you can consider saving money in order to squeeze the most from your wedding budget.



You’ll find certain dates, and even times of day, are much more popular than others. Whilst you want to ensure your wedding is at a convenient time for the people you’re inviting, if you can go just slightly off-peak you can save a significant amount of money.

This is true of holidays as well. Think about how much more expensive holidays are when the kids are off school, versus late November when most people are saving up for Christmas.

Me and Jay got married on the 28th April this year. If we’d got married 3 days later in May, our venue would have cost £2000 more. So having it in late April resulted in a rather large saving!



People bring in all sorts of external providers to cater for the needs of their wedding, outsourcing tasks ranging from the catering to calligraphy.  However, these sorts of things can eat into your wedding budget. 

In reality, there are many tasks that can be completed with the help of your family and friends. For instance, rather than paying a commercial florist to provide exorbitant flowers, why not go a little more rustic and use simple wild flowers as table decorations? Admittedly, you might want a professional bouquet but in the most part, you can source flowers yourself from wholesalers or the wilderness and save a small fortune.

This also means your guests are more involved, making it a more personal celebration, rather than a chance to show off your big purse or wallet. Utilise the loving friendships and family bonds in your life to bring them in on the action, and you’ll find you can save a huge amount of money.


  1. VENUE

When it comes to venue hire, you can find some good deals with hotels, particularly if it’s off-season. The best deals are to be found in slightly less conventional spots such as rustic farms that have the space but lack the infrastructure to host such events.

This is where knowing someone with a farm can come in handy. Even if you don’t, there are plenty of enterprising farmers tapping into the trend in rustic weddings to keep your wedding budget low.

If you are negotiating with a corporate organisation, then consider getting prices at the start of the month and waiting toward the end of the month until you start your negotiations. This is when prices will drop significantly, as the sales rep needs to hit their monthly quota. This means that if they’re falling behind, they’ll pull out all the stops to satisfy your needs and will offer the lowest price possible.


There is so many ways you can keep your wedding budget in check. It might mean sacrificing some things, and compromising on others, but you’ll still have a perfect day.


Header photo courtesy of Rachel Clarke Photography

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