Dealing with a Small Living Space

Dealing with a Small Living Space

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with a small living space if you can manage the space properly and efficiently.

When it comes to furnishing an interior, and decorating to your heart’s content, you always need to be aware of the space you have to work with and whether or not your ideas are going to fit inside it. You don’t want to order something expensive, only to find out it’s a couple of inches too big to fit along the back wall you planned to place it! Your tape measure is honestly your best friend (and I’ve learnt this from experience). 

So now’s the time to try and work with your small living space, rather than against it. I’ll be showing you how to comfortably fit your life into the small interior the housing market has blessed you with.


Furnish Upwards

Do you have a room that has limited floor space? In our third bedroom (which we turned into a study), there’s a large cupboard to hide the boiler and also the box where the stairs come up. This means our third bedroom isn’t the biggest. Take some inspiration from cities, and expand upwards.

Stack your storage up on the walls with mounted shelves. At the same time, have any lighting fixed to the ceiling or draped around the top edges of the walls; fairy lights never go amiss! Our study is full of shelving units that go to the ceiling, or wall-mounted shelves. They’re great storage and take up less space than a large filing cabinet or cupboard. 

If you’ve got a box room to fit your kids into, or you’ve got a flatmate that needs to share a room with you for a while, use items such as bunk beds and adult bunks to keep you all sleeping sweet.


Use Mirrors to Trick Your Eyes

It’s very easy to give yourself the illusion that your living space is a lot larger than it actually is by hanging up some mirrors. They reflect the entire room within them, making it seem like you’ve got a whole other room to walk into on the other side, and they also help to make the room a lot brighter! A bright room will always make a room feel bigger. 


Have Some Collapsible Furniture

Sofas and tables can take up a large area of space. Buy some furniture that is either collapsable or just generally smaller. If there’s only two of you, you don’t need a three-seater sofa. Buy a small table that you can push against the wall. You’ll be able to unfold it if you have guests over. This way you can turn your small living space into a functional unit. 

It’s also a good idea to have a day bed to sit down and relax on, that you can then whip into a bed when the night comes around. Not only does it allow guests to stay over, allowing you to become the host you’ve always wanted to be, but it could turn a bedroom into a much more expressive place for any teenagers you have in your household.


Fitting your life into a small living space doesn’t have to be hard, as long as you’re the creative sort! So decorate with pride, knowing your house has something special!

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