How to Choose your Wedding Wine

How to Choose your Wedding Wine

Choosing your wedding wine can seem like a daunting task. Where do you start? What brand should you go for? Red or white or rose or all three?!

There are so many decisions to make when it comes to your wedding. It’s mind-baffling and stressful. You’re doing a million things at once. You have to choose every tiny aspect of your day. So how about when it comes to choosing your wedding wine?

There are loads of wine options out there. You can get packages through your venue or caterer. You can buy it all yourself and pay corkage. But most importantly, how can you keep the costs down when it comes to getting your guests hammered (because let’s be honest, that’s what they’re there for)?


Look for Deals

Look for any deals on wine at a site such as Latest Deals. Their website updates regularly, meaning you get the most up to date wine-related deals.

Don’t forget, you can buy your wine at anytime, so if you find a good deal, go for it so you don’t miss out. I bought my wedding wine about 8 months before the wedding because I found a deal I couldn’t resist. We got a £7 bottle of wine for £4.

Take advantage of anyone that works at a large supermarket as well to get their staff discount. We bought our sparkling wine through M&S. It was 25% off when you bought 6 bottles (and we bought 36), and then we got 20% staff discount through the best man’s mum, meaning our £9-a-bottle sparkling wine cost £4.80.

We saved £600 in total just on these two deals. It’s worth trawling through to find the best discounts. Although with the Latest Deals site, they’ve done the trawling for you!


Hint: Buy your wine around Christmas when there might be more discounts. The wine will be fine to use the following September.


Don’t Over Cater

Although it’s nice to supply as much booze as you can for your guests, you definitely don’t need to overdo it. Your guests will have attended other weddings, and will expect to have to buy some of their own drinks at the bar.

Half a bottle of wine per person is more than enough. Combine this with their welcome drink, and their champagne/sparkling wine for the toast, and it’s plenty. Especially because you don’t want your guests getting too hammered during the meal!

It’s also best to ask your caterers if they’ll pour the wine. You’ll go through the wine much quicker if your guests are helping themselves (which could only end badly). One guest might have one glass of wine, and another will have three. Caterers will serve it at a much slower rate, making it go further.

You should also consider that children and pregnant women won’t be drinking, and that some people (aka men) don’t like wine. You can provide cheaper alternatives to keep the cost down.


Consider Alternatives to Wine

There are tonnes of alternatives to wine if you think the majority of guests would prefer something else. You could serve bucks fizz as your welcome drink (think how much you’d save on sparkling wine).

It might be cheaper to supply half a bottle of vodka or gin per table, and then supply mixers such as lemonade, coke or tonic water. Also supply sparkling wine instead of champagne.


These are my top tips to keeping the cost down on your wedding wine. Did you do anything similar for your wedding, or do you have another idea to add to the list?


*Collaborative post

Header image by Rachel Clarke Photography.

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